Custom Ghetto Fender I made!

  • So I made a fender from the floor mats you put under desks, cut it to size and since the cuts looked a little ghetto, I wrapped it in purple/blue color changing carbon fiber vinyl. enjoy!

    oh and I put a jeep roll bar handle on as well, only cost me 5$ and its sturdy as hell! stays in place and all.

    i'm ballin on a budgetalt text alt text

  • @auxny91 Is that the stuff with the crazy sharp spikes on one side? You should put those facing out, as a theft deterrent.

  • Ball away brother ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Lol, yeah I was going to put the spikes out but the vinyl would be a PITA to put on with that :D

    I just need a better way to attach it.

    I might give in and just get a Onewheel fender, I want a fender that doesn't exactly fall off.

    If njcustom had a bolt on, I'd def go for it

  • @auxny91 I believe he does. @njcustom I think I saw you had bolt on fender models now too.

  • Look. You already spent the money on the onewheel. What's 100 more dollars.
    I tried not to buy a fender. But finally gave in. Now I love how I can ride multiple time a day with out feeling like I need a shower. Plus my shoes don't have rocks and sand all in them๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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