• Hey guys, so I was wondering, does the One Wheel come with bumpers on it already, or should I buy a pair of bumpers to put on once I get it?

  • Comes with bumpers on it already and they give you a backup set too.

  • @SC720 apparently new boards don't come up with a backup set because they have a newer design and are more robust I read in another thread.

  • I put some packing foam on the bumpers to cushion them - Will post photos later

  • @veryous Good to know. Waiting on 2nd board to arrive and know not to be expecting them now. So far 1st set is holding up well.

  • @eish said:

    I put some packing foam on the bumpers to cushion them - Will post photos later

    ![IMG_6463.jpg](uploading 100%)

  • @eish think your photo is too large. Try to stay under 250k I think is the limit.

  • IMG_6463.jpg IMG_6463.jpg

  • @eish WOW! I vote take those off because they look lame and ugly as shit. Also, the board is made to get messed up, let it breath. For the riding part, this will cause you to bottom out faster and you won't be able to skid on the plates as designed as well.

    I just realized you might be covering the hell out of the board in case you don't like it and want to sell it. I see what you did there. HA! You're going about it the wrong way and giving up way too soon. You talked mass shit on this forum for weeks and you're already not going out your second day of having the board. GET UP! Take that shit off the board, put your wrist guards on, helmet on, take some damn advil and get up. Go ride the dang board you've been waiting months for! A one wheel is meant to be ridden and scratched not inside covered in tape and foam!

  • Agreed, street scars all over your board look gorgeous compared to that...but understand if you think your gonna sell it.

  • more like stabilisers for first few rides, tape is not to protect, already looks used - I really didn't like the scraping sound - I figured I would put some training foam on for a little while and then get rid of it in a day or so - the foam is quite slippy, it was still skidding just not as noisily

    but yea it does look a bit naff, but I was riding in the dark so no none saw :p

  • and defiantly not planning to sell
    ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • @eish Check out the tape job I do on mine. Keeps them nearly perfect.


  • @MichaelW once I get good I will plastidip or respray, but until then chips are like chips on the edge of a snowboard - battle scars and all that :p

  • Are the bumpers you can buy, different from the stock bumpers that come with the OneWheel?

  • @enjoi408 Pretty sure they are the same. Though the newer boards come with 1 set of blocks that are more durable. I got 2 sets with my board, but I must say they don't wear too quickly...

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