How far on 10% battery?

  • Does anyone know how far you can travel on 10% battery? Is it at least a mile?


  • @BriFi in my experience 10% (even less) has been enough to get me a mile.

  • @BriFi The Onewheel can only go about 6 miles on a full charge, so 10% is only going to be a bit over a half a mile. Unless you're going uphill, then it'll be significantly less.

  • For me, about 1.1-1.2km (0.683-0.745 miles)on flat ground per 10%. It depends mostly on your tire pressure. I go for maximum and gets 10-12 km per charge. (6.2-7.4miles) Even more if its a long slopy road =)

  • @BadWolf
    Are you using 20 psi? I have mine set at 20 and tire is a little bouncy it may also be due to the extreme heat. What psi are you using? thx

  • @itwire harder is definitely better.. better mileage, less bounce, less tire wear..

  • @njcustom thanks

  • I try to avoid riding when the battery is that low.
    I recently almost wiped out because of sluggish acceleration. At least, I think it was related to low power. I could be wrong; there could have been a software malfunction or something.

    I also try to ride conservatively when near 100%. Just this evening it shut-off because of over-charge.

  • There are a lot of factors. I was over 2.5 miles from home w 5% left. The trip home was 90% downhill and with regen braking I got home with almost 15% left.

  • @itwire Might have i slightly more than recommended.. :P 23-25 PSI.. but it works fine for me, I dont use the wheel for shock absorfbtion, I use my knees and body.. just like snowboarding..

  • @njcustom said in How far on 10% battery?:

    @itwire harder is definitely better.. better mileage, less bounce, less tire wear..

    But its a rougher ride.. harder to absorb edges etc..

  • @BadWolf I find that harder is more predictable over bumps.. turning is also better..

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