Competition coming

  • Looks like there will be a new option on the market (Kickstarter) in the near feature:

    I've got say the product is surprisingly similar, and yet in the video they say there's nothing on the market like it...

    Looks like there will be a HUGE price delta, but some of the specs are an improvement as well.

  • Their is actually another posting on this product - I expect more similar boards in the future -

    OW has set the bar very high in my opinion - I am sure they will continue to excel and beat the competition in no time

  • do we have any non FM mods on the board? Someone to help direct and reorganize some of many fragmented comment threads about the same topic?

  • It will fail, won't be able to make promises and a 4,000 dolars? Lulz, won't even go offroad

  • Word. Looms like it would be easier to carve at higher speeds though.

  • The Kickstarter campaign has started, but let's consolidate this thread over at:

  • Ah, the Chinese clones. This one comes closer than the others I've seen. Looks kind of chintzy, and the platform doesn't look quite high enough - you can expect more nosedives on this one - and it looks underpowered compared to OneWheel, and there don't seem to be different shaping options. But they're getting closer.


    Lol - might have to buy this one for my son so he stops trying to steal mine... it goes a whopping 5 mph!

    The good news is that there will always be a market for the original/quality product- just look at boosted boards.. tons of chinese and DIY competition and they are still selling like hotcakes.

  • @tomtnt if you look around you can find this one for $125

  • The Hoverboard looks nice, but i think the concept of the onewheel with the cart tire makes more fun. The chinese copies are just crap, sorry, but that stuff is useless and a waste of $. You can buy them, if you don't want to use it.. or just for a day.

  • Every other electric self ballancing transportation device is called a Hover board. IMHO, it seems very gimmicky and easily gets lost in the market that's bursting at the seams with hoverboards. It was wise of FM to use a more original name. It helps set it apart from all of the imitators and gimmicky toys.

    1. As for the $4,000 hoverboard, the hard plastic wheel would let you feel every texture on the road.
    2. Somebody said it looks good for carving. I think the plastic wheel would easily slip and you wouldn't be carving much at all.

    The wide rubber tire of the onewheel gives you the traction to carve, the soft ride that allows you to float over surface textures, provides additional stability and gives you a feeling of being able to carve on the edge of the board rather than balancing on pin point on the center of the board. Whether you're surfing or snowboarding, you are carving on the edge of the board. Not the center. I don't know what this one wheeled Rollerblade board would feel like but I'm pretty sure it would feel more like riding on a board with an ice skate blade on the bottom rather than carving like a snowboard.

  • @cr4p 'almost' as fun as the onewheel :joy:

  • @Electric-Slide Hi there, I was able to test ride the $4k hoverboard your are referring to at their shop in Santa Clara, CA a couple of months ago. I thought the same thing as you before riding it. Surprisingly the ride is not as bumpy as I expected and the narrow wheel, once I got use to it balanced and handled very similar to OW. The wheel is solid rubber not plastic and grips pavement very well. Carving on it is not an issue at all. There is defiantly a steeper learning curve then OW but with some extra practice you will be having similar fun as OW. The hole in the middle of the wheel makes carrying the board a breeze. It's the same weight as OW but I picked it up and carried it around with little effort as the board is nicely balanced using the wheel as the handle.
    For me the improvements over OW do not justify a purchase for me at this time but the technology in the board seems good.

  • I'm not an engineer but it appears to me that the narrow tire will not allow the "off road" travel the Onewheel can handle - softer surfaces like beach sand, moist dirt, small obstacles (rocks, sticks). Just do the math with the tire surface area. And the wider tire provides more lateral stability while traversing these surfaces. Just sayin.

  • Here is How Overboard Technologies Compares their Board


    Looks cool but no way Im paying 4K for that thing.

  • @Dude ready to be excited about great engineering anytime, however when your head-to-head has major assumptions and inaccuracies, have to reserve some excitement until there is some real world, independent testing.

    1. chassis materials - OW is made of wood? Thats like claiming that cars are made from leather because leather is used on seats.

    2. agility - pretty fuzzy, but a quick head-to-head in video would have to suggest that at different speeds, there isn't likely too much difference (assume perfect flatness for HB). How HB does at low speed? Seems like it might be tougher to balance. Hard to see basis for significant outperform here for HB.

    3 .off road capabilities - not sure they ever showed anything a Boosted Board couldn't do. i.e. don't go offroad. Why claim any capabilities at all?

    Lots of room for different brand positioning, but seems overall to charge a lot more for a lot less capability. Look forward to some real world user experiences.

  • @shaunabe I agree, rear world testing will be needed. Hopefully we can arrange that soon. I am OW all the way!

  • If the Hoverboard achieves an arbitrary "5" on Off-Road Capabilities, then OneWheel should get a 22.

  • @forzabucks Ha Ha Ha... that is the truth.

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