Onewheel shoulder carrying handle

  • Its been a few months now since @thegreck and myself brought to the forum the Removable Side Handle and we have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback and continued interested from across the Onewheel community and therefore the globe.

    We have been busy developing new accessories which can be found here The Store For More and we are working on a prototype shoulder sling carry handle concept and i wanted to gauge the interest level in it.

    0_1471470693004_shoulder handle 1.jpg

    0_1471470712641_shoulder handle 3.jpg

    0_1471470730430_shoulder handle 4.jpg

    It's a really simple carry system, it takes its roots from the removable side handle whereby it attaches to the side bar with 2 robust velcro straps, its extended in length to give stability when carrying and with the addition of shoulder strap you simple connect to the handle and sling the Onewheel to one side and carry it like a satchel.

    Its very much a prototype at this stage but having tested it in its current form it works really well and will offer an alternative carry system.

    Anyway would be really interested to get your feedback in and happy as ever to answer any questions you have on it.

  • @Jimmers75 looks awesome

  • And this very well may be the replacement product for the backpack rig we've been trying to produce ( We've been trying different things, but so far, we haven't been able to get a prototype that works well enough that we feel comfortable selling.

    But who knows? Maybe that will happen too... we'll have to see.

  • @Jimmers75 & @thegreck This might be a good solution for the road warriors on the daily commute. Cool concept.

  • I want one!

  • I'm interested.

  • I like the back pack design from a hands free standpoint, but you will have the dirt from the One Wheel getting all over your clothes. I am a bit biased though since my product design firm developed a unique solution to solve the same problem. Our patent pending design allows the One Wheel to be rolled like a piece of luggage. If anyone is interested we just launched a Kickstarter at and our website is

  • @jtworks

    I was going to back this until I saw the shipping to the UK was $80!!

  • @p3eps Sorry about the high international shipping cost, but I think I might even be loosing money at $80. I just did a quick UPS estimate and for the package size and weight from St. Pete, FL, USA to London, UK it was $160. We are new to international sales, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to do it cheaper we would appreciate all the help we can get.

  • @jtworks That's been a huge issue for shipping handles too. I usually just ship to the US and let Jimmy (who lives in the U.K.) handle shipping to other countries. Shipping costs out of the US are insane.

    I guess one thing you could do if you make a U.K. connection is to ship them a bunch so they could then handle your UK orders. That way you'd only have to increase the shipping cost a minimal amount for each UK order to make back that cost.

  • @thegreck Thanks for the tidbit, now how to make a British friend...

    In all seriousness I might try that if it seems demand is high enough for the Glider in the UK. Right now there is just the one request I know of.

  • @jtworks well buddy by all means keep me posted as I'm in the throws of ordering possibly 25 boards for an event in Europe. Which if all goes well will give me scope to travel the UK with an exciting Onewheel 'have a go' "NOW BUY ONE'" event in 2017.

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