Tire pressure

  • Hey everyone! Just recently purchased a onewheel and was curious as to what psi everyone was using to get the most distance from their board

  • cough a little bit more than maximum.. (no, really, a tiny bit, but its more than max) /cough

  • @chachiboy21 16.5 PSI, I weigh 215. 6-7 miles / ride, and the ride quality is excellent.

  • About16-17psi @ 160lbs. I think I am going to try increasing it though to see if I can get more miles.
    I originally set it to 16-17psi cause I was new, mostly ride at night and roads are not the greatest. Now that I'm coming up on 400miles and I am wanting to go further I am going to play with higher pressures.

  • 19psi @ 155lbs. I don't know what my mileage is though. I always forget to check.

  • 19 psi (6' 225lbs)

  • 15 psi (5'11" 170lbs), getting about 6 miles per charge, nice smooth rides, and having the pressure a few pounds below 20 psi absorbs a lot more of the bumps and dips in the road.

  • 14.5 is where it's at

  • A harder tire will last longer.. the better I got the more air pressure I wanted.. I feel like a soft tire is to unpredictable and bouncey.. you will go faster, ride longer and turn better with a firm tire.. I'm 190 pounds and I now ride 17-18psi..

  • Just did a 4.7 mile ride round trip to the gym. Changed tire pressure to 20 and love it. Also helped on battery usage. Still had 25% left after the up hill and down hill segments. Ride to Gym

  • @njcustom oh look at that 16.5 goes way faster :)

  • @LidPhones Okay, I guess I'm going to have to try a higher psi and see how I like it. I've been riding at 14-15 since I got it, so it'll be interesting.

  • @thegreck I was curious on this topic too. Think I'll up it to 19-20 today and see what's good (:

  • Stating the obvious here, but higher PSI = better mileage / longer distance per charge, and lower PSI = less mileage / shorter distance per charge. Higher PSI = harder tire so you feel more of the road, lower PSI = softer tire so it absorbs more of the road. For me I ride at 16.5 PSI (I weigh 215#) which gives me awesome ride quality and a solid distance per charge (6 miles if riding hard, 7+ miles if taking it easy). I recommend the highest PSI you can manage the ride quality on. If your ride is feeling too 'live', let a little air out. If your ride is feeling unresponsive, add air. Keep in mind that the max recommended pressure for the tire is 20 PSI https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0696/2011/files/Onewheel_Owners_User_Manual_v1.0.pdf?14538860016948982063.

  • 17-19 psi for better control in my opinion and I get roughly 10 or 11km roughly and I weigh 198lbs

  • Well I think the Mileage is pretty easy to argue.
    The ride is for sure more firm and acceleration feels more quick...
    But is it "faster" does it change the top end speed?
    Because wouldn't the pushback kick in and the motor give out at the same rate... So

    What would change is. The acceleration curve if we could plot it would be different based on the PSI of the tire.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I agree that top speed shouldn't change, but I also experienced it, was much easier to go more or less 1.5 km/h faster without pushback...

  • Okay, I just went up to 17psi from 15psi, which is what I've been riding at ever since I got the Onewheel, eight months ago, and I have to agree. It's a lot smoother ride. I felt like I had a lot more control, with a lot less back-and-forth wobble to the wheel. Tight turns were much easier, and I was able to consistently hit higher speeds while riding at an average of 1.5mph faster (thanks OWheelBuddy!).

    I think the lower pressure might be better while learning, since it absorbs a lot of the bumps in the road, but once you're more comfortable on the OW and learn to bend your knees and absorb the shocks that way, higher psi might be the way to go.

    No turning back for me now! I might even try 18 or 19psi and see how that feels.

  • @thegreck go 19psi you'll never look back. I had my 1w go as low as 13 once and it felt unstable compared to what I keep mine at.

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