A OneWheel Riddle/How well does regenerative braking work?

  • This is a question I have been asking myself for a while and yesterday I got my answer. So I rode up Laurel canyon on the board. I was holding my son all the way up. Those of you who live in Los Angeles probably know that the path was newly paved and now super smooth pavement. He weighs about 40 pounds I weigh about 170. Up and down was 2.7 miles. I was worried when I only had 17% left at the top (After starting with 100%) but thought I would likely do OK on the way down with regenerative braking. Guess how much % charge I ended up with at the bottom? FYI: I keep my tire presure pretty low at around 10psi.

  • @MichaelW my past experience down a big hill was 40% recovered

  • .................35% ?

  • 1% recovered / 0.06 miles!

  • Here is a pic at the top. We took our helmets off at the top FYI.


  • Quite well in my experience. I rode 2.3 mile up hill, some of it very steep. At the top I had 5% left. After getting home(pretty much the same way I got there) I had 10-15% left.

  • @MichaelW Given these answers, I have a feeling my guess of 99% won't fare very well.

  • I thought FM said you can expect somewhere around 30% downhill. In my testing that seemed about right and a certain small but steep hill around me. I'd gain a percent or so going down and use about 3 percent going back up.

    However, I thought there was some talk on when exactly regenerative breaking kicks in and I think the thought is that you had to be going over a certain speed. So maybe if you ride down a hill slowly on mostly break you might not get as much as going faster. Not sure.

    According to a youtube comment from Michael Tavares on his squaw valley ride, he repeatedly had to burn off battery to continue riding down hill and at the bottom he was at 100%.

  • As for my guess I'll go with 42% at the bottom based upon a 30% regeneration of the 83% used going up.

  • @Franky Hey no fair! You used math and intelligence!

  • @Franky Impressed! Good math my friend!! Loving these answers... :)

  • Going down I went pretty slow. I would guess about 3-7 miles per hour.

  • i started to consider a few of the efficiencies involved and quickly realized it could fill a book. the picture helps more than anything.

    handsome boy--living the float life

    i would guess @Franky is pretty close but a little generous. i say 31.

  • The answer is.... drum roll....

    @mrb @Franky @ @wr420 @sonny123 @LidPhones @fabuz

  • 37%!! @sonny123 got the closest!!

    @Franky a close 2nd!

  • thanks for the nice thread.

    the low air pressure gives you better acceleration uphill and i bet a bit more efficiency in regen.

  • Low pressure also helps me balance better with my kid in my arms on the way up... I also never go too fast with him and we always wear helmets for safety. Its one of my favoite things to do with my kid... The other thing he likes to do is stand on my feet and ride on the board while holding my hands... Good times :)

  • I 've ride my Pyrénées montain this thursday and friday,1.5 days of intensive ride(approxymately 20km), only going uphill and downhill without charging the board :) only using the regenarate braking! CRAZY TECH!!! Video comin'soon ;)

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