OneWheel for Sale - great condition!

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm looking to sell my OneWheel after realizing that I'm not making enough use of this great board as I thought I would! The board is in great condition and has less than 20 miles of use on it. The only significant wear is on the plastic bumpers, which can be easily switched out for new ones ($45 on the website). I have all of the original boxing and will also be selling it with the Onewheel fender kit (value of $83).

    Asking price is $1200 + shipping costs. Board is located in Houston, TX. I would be willing to arrange a local pickup as well.

    If interested, I can send some pictures of the board via e-mail.


  • Willing to listen to offers as well! Need to sell. Thanks mates!

  • Here are photos of the board. Price is down to $1000 + shipping costs.

  • @akwater Yeah that poor OW needs some love. It looks like it's never been ridden.

  • @thegreck

    Agreed. Great price too.

  • Damn wish I'd seen this was available a couple weeks ago.

  • I'm interested and sent a PM. Thanks.

  • Board is still available. I can't really go any lower than $1000 since this board was purchased in Feb of this year and is practically brand new, except for the wear on the plastic bumpers. Board works as new, no crashes, and no problems with the board.

    Please message if you're interested. The original shipping box is 33 in x 16 x 15 and weights 36 lbs. This is info for those of you that would like to estimate shipping costs.


  • Board has been SOLD. Thank you everyone!

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