Can't we ban the spammers

  • Can't we ban the spammers

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I contacted support to see if they need forum moderators. I offered to do this for free. Hopefully they approve. :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yes, I offered to be a forum moderator 6 months ago as well. I sent an email to FM about revamping their forums altogether to make them much more user friendly and organized.

  • @hustle Good luck. I offered to help with that a few months back, after being one of the most active members for 4 months. They declined.

    I guess having the most reputation doesn't really count for much:

  • Well, they need to have someone do it. Did they ever reply to you or say why? It's almost like they don't do anything here on the forums. From what I've seen at least. It's not like either of you would do anything to ruin the community here, you have too much invested.
    The spammers are f'in annoying tho.

  • OW created the forum for us to use and connect, but for whatever reason they've chosen to take a completely hands-off approach. There's no management of the forum (as evidenced by the prolific spamming), they don't chime in on issues when it would be great to hear from the manufacturer, etc. It's great that they created a platform for us enthusiasts to connect with each other, and a bummer that OW doesn't use it as a platform to connect with us. It seems to align with their social media usage in general, which is all one-way traffic from them to us- there is no conversation, which is a key advantage of social media. Eventually they may figure out how to harness it, but for now it seems it is what it is.

  • On the other hand, kudos for not censoring the site!

  • @groovyruvy I agree. WHile I appreciate the space for this little community, it's quite sad that they aren't taking a more interactive approach with their established AND potential customers. I'm sure it's a big turn-off, for some potential customers.

    You'd think they'd be a little more interactive, but I guess their too busy building/designing and riding their boards in-between, lol.

    If they're going to take a completely hands-off approach, then they really should consider allowing one of the more established forum members (@thegreck for example) to moderate, at the very least.

  • Maybe someone locally to the SC shop, should visit the office and ask about this, since they won't address it electronically. I lol a little, but I'm serious. This issue should be addressed, IMO.

  • I am surprised, with all the side businesses that have been created that we haven't had a side forum just pop up that can be fully moderated and organized. The traffic sort of doesn't feel like it warrants it most days... But then you think about the volume of fenders sold ect and clearly there are a lot of people passing through....

  • To be fair.. its not completly easy to handle social media (Im classifying the forum as one).

    But atleast they could pick out a bunch of us as admins, so we could clear out spammers and ban them.. Its just strange that they wont do it. We would WANT to do their work.. I mean, just check the top 25 who got the most "reputation", and ask if we would like to have the admin role.

  • Modding a forum is not, "easy" but it's also kind of a must with this size active user base here I would think. This is a passionate user base.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL Passionate user base + we all have a vested interest in OUR community here :) Nobody wants this to fail - we just want to spread the stoke.

  • we should all just move to fb forum. F@@@@ these chinese assholes

  • I'd be game for a fb group page. I check fb more than this

  • There already is a fb group :)

  • @BadWolf Nice! Thanks for sharing.

  • @Onewheel-Support HALP. SPAM.

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