Sending onewheel for maintenance

  • Well winter is almost here and so now I'm thinking of sending my board in for maintenance. Since I'm sending from Canada, is it gonna cost me $600 American to send it off? According to the international delivery they say its 300. If that's the case then chances are I'll have to send it to a mailbox near the border of me.

  • Winter? Dude, it is August! Anyway, just what kind of "maintenance" do you think you need? If it ain't broke, what is there to fix, or "maintain"?

  • @juts If nothing is critically wrong with the board or you don't need a new tire I would not waste the money on sending it in for a "tune up." Anything else like footpads and even the tire we are finding out you can replace yourself. But ride while the weathers still nice especially in Canada you only get a few good months.

  • @Count lol it's getting cold up here already. We are already going through the fall time. Plus after August our summer can come up whenever hahah

  • @juts sucks to live in Alberta! Lol!

  • @westcoastr lol tell me about it. Today is even worse. Its trying to snow

  • @juts That's just wrong...

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