Alberta riders

  • Looking for the Alberta riders that are lurking around here. I know Caballero couldn't get off my board so I know he will be buying his soon. Would be nice to ride with others. Maybe make a meet up every few weeks in different locations for a ride. I'm in the Edmonton area.

  • @juts I'm sure you'll be able to rustle up an Alberta tribe! I'm looking forward to riding around Banff in Sept with a couple of OW friends from BC!

  • @westcoastr yea there's a few here already. And Banff would be an awesome place to ride especially if you hit up lake louise

  • I'm in Calgary. Just picked up my ow a few weeks ago on a trip to Oregon. I don't get to Edmonton much and have yet to explore Banff or Louise. Just cruising the city so far. Sure does grab attention.

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