Post high speed here! OWheelbuddy app

  • Thank you new app Owheelbuddy @SeeTheInvisible ! Now we can all post our high speed. First day trying my high so far is 18.78 mph. I'm sure there are people with a lot higher though... Post here! No cheating ;)

  • 19.8mph so far
    It seems like there is easily more possible, but I am too afraid of nosediving;-)

    By the way: Within Andy´s app, you need to have the wheel slip detection on, otherwise it could led to unrealistic high speed values if the wheel looses traction for a moment.

  • Good mention @cr4p! That is what I meant by cheating... And nice high mph!! Yes... Mine is on slip wheel detection...

  • 0_1472383823080_image.png

  • Totally thought I was going to nosedive! brand new board .. 2nd board

  • How do you load a pic? I've got up to 20.7 no pads scared to death.

  • Ive hit 21 using the Ulysses app..

  • This is the thread of death... I mean threat... :)

  • My son laughed at my 15.9 mph. After only a few goes on the onewheel I watched him on his first try, nosedive on the grass and his skateboarding skills made him save it and he somehow got his weight back over the tail. Amazing to see. As he was doing his I could hear owheelbuddy's fanfare telling me he had smashed my high speed. 19.9mph. Wee S***.

    Then he pulled a 360!!!


  • @thehoff easier to be reckless at that age. Hard to adult with broken bones.

  • I think its only fair to have (top speed) age categories. 14- 20, 21-30, 31-40, and my class the seniors with diapers and full pads. LOl... And we can add Centenarian class if we get any takers...

  • How fast can you go over grass?

  • @josh-ward I'd guess just as fast as on pavement - if it's smooth enough and not wet.

  • @josh-ward all my speeds are on grass. Not way I'm trying on Tarmac! Just stupid..

  • @thehoff Rude, I'm not over here throwing insults at you ;)
    18.86 is my fastest recorded - but when I fell the engine cut on me so I assume I pushed past it's limits.

  • @hustle yeah, I think anything over 15mph can only be held for a quick burst.. Tempting fate after that I'd say

  • Can someone explain how to change units from kilometers to miles per hour?

  • @1woman1wheel Go to your iPhone Settings app and scroll down to OWheelBuddy. There are a lot of settings in there, one of which is Use metric (which you'll want to uncheck).

  • @thegreck Thanks! I never would have found that haha

  • I know my son got 19.9mph on grass. This is my top speed on grass. I have no wish to go any quicker. 0_1472496078787_image.png

  • @thehoff I agree 100%. I'm good but I don't have the confidence and experience yet to hold anything more than that in a carve yet. Starting off, solid - carving toe side, solid - carving heel side I ALWAYS slow down some.

    Curious - has anyone had the wheel slip out from under them yet?

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