Any OneWheel Shops in Northern Italy?

  • Just curious about OW shops or outlets in Italy. Maybe I can find a rental for a few days on my trip.

  • @LidPhones can you not just bring it?

  • @thehoff can't bring them on planes so you'd have to ship it separately I believe. $$$$$

  • @thehoff This seems hit or miss at this time as the TSA may or may not allow it as a carry on. Might need to buy a second one to donate to a European friend then have access when at our HQ in Italy.

  • @LidPhones How do we verify? I am going to FL in a couple of weeks and would LOVE to carry it on, but my understanding is I have to ship it. What happens if someone says yes, then I get there and they tell me no? I wouldn't have time to ship it then..

  • @hustle I don't know how to verify besides calling, and then again it's going to depend on which TSA agent answers the phone as to what random answer they give you. But @Wakeboarder54 claims he's flown a few times with no issues in this thread:

  • @thegreck So if I fly from my airport (after getting through security) I am safe to assume any layovers I am golden? My closest airport, Cedar Rapids, is pretty small and security is pretty loose so I am not super concerned there - but coming back home from FL I bet will be much more strict.
    Hmm I guess I will start calling.

  • @hustle It's still so new that I don't think there are any hard and fast rules on what they're supposed to do, yet, so it's a total crap shoot! You might get where you're going no problem, then run into a TSA agent on the way back that refuses to let you bring it on the plane!

    Or you might call ahead of time and get an agent that says "Yes, it's fine, bring it." Then when you get to the airport, you can't get through security because those TSA agents don't agree with what the guy you talked to before said.

    Until I know for sure, I'm scared to try.

  • @thegreck Same.. I might plan on flying there with it and then shipping it back home. That would at least save me one of the trips. Thinks like $70 to ship it one way.
    This topic got hijacked again.

  • @hustle no worries. I think we all have an interest to fly with the OW but are concerned to leave it behind if TSA agents block it for whatever reason. Until the position is 100% I do not want to risk it.

  • Same here... going on a business trip to Romania next week, would have been great to use it as I have to commute in a city over there. But not risking it!

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