OW for sale with fender $1000 used

  • I know have somehow accumulated 3 onewheels. I need to get rid of one.
    This is used and has a fender. Can not post pix until Sat.
    I am in Colorado and will split shipping with anyone.

  • How many miles?

  • no idea. dont even know how you would calculate that. I just need to get rid of it.

  • Get the new onewheel buddy app and it will give you the miles.

  • @skideeppow Well you could give a general estimate by figuring that the board rides on average 6 miles a charge. If you rode it once a day every day of the year for 1 year that is over 2,000 miles. Or did you just ride it on weekends. Is it going to need service anytime soon like a new tire or footpads? Obviously all of that is a big factor in deciding what the board is worth. Some detailed pics would help as well

  • @ahxe45 aye. agree with you on all counts

  • I would post pics, but once again this site just wont work. So here is a post from another form. I decided to price it at $900.


    No idea about mileage. I sold it to a friend, then had to take it back because she could not pay the balance on it.

    Let me know.

  • @skideeppow You should download the OWheelBuddy and check the mileage; $5 isn't a very big investment when you're trying to sell something for $900. Or if you have an Android, you can download POWheel for free.

  • @thegreck I think the app is pOnewheel for Android. I didn't know it existed until your post so thanks dude!

  • @Hubbitron @thegreck thanks for the heads-up, didn't know about Ponewheel for Android. Just installed it for free, looks interesting. Found out I've logged 422 miles one my primary board, always wondered about that! Also neat how you can watch it tick through the battery cell voltage readings.

  • @Hubbitron @groovyruvy That app is so nice. Right when I got the OneWheel my dad told me to check out that app for Android. I've never even used the one from FM. Though, I can't get my top speed past 18.89 and I'm not sure if I just happen to quit accelerating or freak out or what but that app doesn't seem to let me pass it haha.

  • @hustle I'll trey Ponewheel on my next ride and let you know how it goes, and I'll see if I can't get it to pass 18.89 :)

  • @groovyruvy have you not seen Owheelbuddy.? Are you android user? These user apps are so much smarter than FM app

  • @thehoff I'm primarily android but I have an iPod touch that I can use with OW. But I prefer to use android as all my email / main stuff is on it, and carrying a separate device isn't my first choice. With the discovery of Ponewheel, I have less motivation to try the new Owheelbuddy for Apple, but I might :)

  • @groovyruvy cool. I'll check it out on your phone when I see you. So much more info on these apps compaired to FM app. Can't remember the last time I opened the official app

  • done, i will let you guys know what the mileage is once i get home from work

  • 255 kilometers.

  • Still available??

  • Also interested. I'm in Colorado...

  • Still available?

  • no this sold a while back sorry.

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