How do you explain when people stop you on the streets and ask "what is it"?

  • Like the title says :) It's a genuine problem - I try to explain as briefly and as informatively as possible. Usually I say something like:

    "It's a one wheeled skateboard. It has a motor inside, and when I lean in in one direction, it goes that way and stabilises me."

    I wonder if any of you came up with a better explanation.

    Also, sometimes people ask about the price. I live in Poland, and some of the people who ask me earn around $1k/month, some of them half as much. The cost with shipping and taxes is $2k and telling that price to someone who probably could never afford it is a bit awkward.

    What I do is I say the price without shipping & taxes, and also say that it's an early version and that those boards will probably cost a lot less in the future. Sometimes I also add that I work in tech and it's my job to test new kinds of inventions - which is kind of a true ;)

    How do you people deal with this?

  • Maybe call it a "sideways Segway?" ;)

  • I say it's a self balancing board the works like a Segway but rides like a snowboard. Then if I have time to explain....motor in hub, battery under this side, electronic controller and gyros under this side. Step on the pressure pad to activate and it moves to keep me balanced. Just lean to move and turn. $1500 bucks.

    Typically people are pretty thankful if you have stopped to give the full details. Most of the time people are just gawking and I just say hi and keep riding.

  • @Franky "Works like a Segway but rides like a snowboard." I'm gonna steal that!

  • The short of it:

    "About 6 miles,
    about 15mph,
    about a half hour, and
    about $1500;"

  • I generally say
    -it's exactly what it looks like-
    -internal motor-
    -acts like a Segway-
    -lean in the direction you want to go-
    -here is a card for the guys who manufacture it-

    Depending on who stops me

    -would you like to try-

  • Head phones and sun glasses, I don't stop unless she's cute.. :)

  • headphones usually solves that problem, but if someone ask what it is..I literally say "The Future" and go on my way

  • Hahahah, good replies. Thanks everyone! :D

  • I like to tell people that they cost $50, and I got it at the toy store.
    I also say that I bought them all, and they're sold out forever.

  • Didn't get my OW yet ...but i have a airwheel which is an electric unicycle. I always get asked about it.. I never say 800$. I usually say a few hundred.. Nobody needs to know..

  • @utsu said:

    I like to tell people that they cost $50, and I got it at the toy store.
    I also say that I bought them all, and they're sold out forever.

    Love it :)

  • Oh god... guys, please don't use the word Segway when describing it...

  • "Onewheel Polo" comin' right up!

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