Rear foot pain

  • Hey gang, when I'm riding for about 15-20 minutes my rear foot starts getting really sore and slightly numb and I normally stop to walk and stretch my foot a bit. Curious if this eventually gets better with time. I'm wearing very good skateboarding shoes ( so I'm not sure if there is a way to minimize the discomfort in the short term until my foot builds up it's tolerance. Thoughts and suggests are appreciated!


  • @BriFi try to keep your toes wiggling around, mine get numb after staying in one position for to long. Another thing that helps me is carving more, if I stay in a straight line too long I get numb.

  • @BriFi Yes it's normal and it'll get better with time. You're just using a lot of tendons and muscles you aren't used to, but the pain goes away as they get stronger.

  • @BriFi stretching your back and legs will help, as will slight adjustments to your stance (best made when stopped)

  • Dr sholes gel inserts help. Eat a banana. If it's burning pain it's muscle spasm. Banana helps. Also magnesium pills help.
    If you are someone that can afford some pricey shoes I recommend spring blades, they take impact out of the board, and will help with things like numbness and muscle spasming on long rides. Also use gel inserts. Obviously the stretching helps with the spasms, but, this is prevention and will help your body prevent the spasming.

  • I found loosening the laces helps.

  • @BriFi I was thinking more about it, and actually I think a lot of the pain I had in the beginning came from tensing up my feet when I was riding, like I was trying to hold onto the board with my toes. Once I got more comfortable on it and loosened up, the pain went away.

  • @BriFi the shoes sound good so it should get better as you relax and find your groove.

  • you too tense mang. you need to relax.

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