What exactly is this "pushback" to which everyone's referring?

  • I've been on a Segway once and experienced the pushback when trying to go too fast.

    I've taken out my OW for five days so far, for a total of 42 miles with a top speed of 19.5 mph. All on pavement, slight uphills and slight downhills, zero spills, decent heelside carves and working on toeside. I don't know if I've experienced pushback yet.

    How can I tell?

  • @RLY assuming you're actually hitting 19.5 MPH and it's not overstated by the app, yes you've experienced pushback. It feels like the nose is rising up, and that feeling becomes more aggressive as you push through the pushback. Once you bust past it you're basically coasting without the advantage of the software. Based on the many higher speeds I'm seeing in this forum, as compared to actual riding speeds I see OWs riding at (slower than pushback) I wonder how reliable the speed stats are.

  • This weekend I am pretty sure that the push back caused me to do a nose dive.

  • @hekkubus it's happened to the best of us, think of it as an initiation :)

  • @groovyruvy Just really scared me because I was really fortunate that I didn't face plant. Happened to my brother in law this summer, and he messed up his shoulder. He was on my board, and I assumed he just moved his foot off of the sensor. My foot didn't move, so I'm not convinced it wasn't a board error.

  • @hekkubus be very thankful that you didn't go down like I did. Broken shoulder. 0_1473180447259_image.jpeg

  • @McFly For real, that had to have hurt. How fast were you going? Were you able to skate off?

    I face planted three days after i got it, but I assumed it was user error. I'm convinced that sometimes the sensor fails.

  • @hekkubus I was in extreme mode at 14.5mph as registered by the Owheelbuddy app on a smooth road that was slightly inclined. No warning, just dumped me over the front. I had to get a ride, ribs bruised and leg/ hip hurt also.

  • I highly recommend pads Smith Scabs Elite II knee pads + elbow pads http://www.smithsafetygear.com/collections/knee-pads/products/smith-scabs-elite-ii-knee-pad-black-black and they're excellent. A little larger however that's what it takes to keep you safe if you get pitched. Fit nice and secure, don't restrict movement and just thick enough to keep you off the pavement when you're tossed. I had tried out the Killer 187 Pro knee and elbow pads http://187killerpads.bigcartel.com/product/pro-knee-pad-black-black however in addition to finding them to be a little too large and bulky, I feel they're better suited to ramp skaters who go to knees after a wipe. For that application the 187s are amazing, never seen pads that padded and protective. For ownwheeling though, the Smith Scabs are more streamlined and just right.

  • @McFly Are you able to ride again yet? If so, what changes would you make?

  • @hekkubus Can't ride for a while. It's only been 9 days since the crash. I don't know what I will do different??? Not sure if I am going to ride again.

  • @McFly I'm just happy to see that you've gone from never riding again to unsure if you'll ever ride again ;)

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