Onewheel to kitesurfing 2

  • So I bought a selfie stick :)
    Interestingly similar feeling carving the onewheel and a hydrofoil.

  • @oyvind Sweet video. I so want to kite surf in the near future. Looks like a blast. I have kite boarded on the Pacific beach in SeaSide Oregon (Really Fun!). In your opinion is the OW similar feeling on the board side?

  • Ooops, link broken,
    this should work:

  • Much more edging kitesurfing. You're on your edge most of the time to keep tension on the kite lines. I'd say it's more like surfing or snow boarding. But kitesurfing rocks and you should definitely try it!

  • @turfsurfer Great info. Thank you. I will give Kitesurfing a try soon.

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