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  • Quick story... I thought my board sensors were messing up, so I emailed support. One suggestion to test was to use your thumbs and press on the sensor to see if it's working. If you have the lights on, you can basically let them dim and feel around and see exactly where on the board the sensor kicks in. What that taught me was that the sensor is about an inch (2.54 cm) or more inside of the blue line on the board. Basically, the way I ride (duck), I am not on that much of the sensor with the front of my foot. I am still on plenty of it to work fine, but it gave me a good idea of where to place my foot when riding.

    Thought it might be a good test for some of you to see where the sensor actually is on your boards if you've never done it. Might help you out like it did me to understand where the sensor actually is versus the blue line on the board.

    Happy riding!

  • @hekkubus here is a link I shared in another post of my sensor test/demo.

    Sensor Test Video

  • @LidPhones That's interesting, I had somehow missed that post. If you have the OWheelBuddy app, how fast does it say you're going? (I imagine you'd have to turn off the wheel-slip detection) Just curious how fast the motor can spin the wheel without a person on it.

  • @LidPhones said in Sensor test:

    @hekkubus here is a link I shared in another post of my sensor test/demo.

    Sensor Test Video

    Great video. Sorry for bringing up old news. I've been away from the board since the summer. The videos teaches a lot about the parameters of the board. Awesome job!

    Have you thought about marking where the sensor actually starts on your board?

  • @hekkubus This doesn't help a ton since I've regripped it, but the white box here is exactly where the sensor is


  • @hustle Really digging that grip tape. I'm really thinking about marking mine. I also am thinking about regripping mine some time. Where do you get your tape and do you recommend any brands?

  • @hekkubus Thanks man! Here is the actual. Makes it very easy to keep my feet on the sensors Grip here

  • @thegreck I have been holding out on the APP as I choose not to have realtime connections to critical technology devices while in use. I have experienced glitches that shut them down. Not a good idea on the OW while riding (that is just me, could be a great and seemless interface). I use the POWheel app for my after ride details and the OW app on my iPhone to check battery levels before each ride (then for quite the OW app). Being a tech geek and EE I find your request interesting enough to purchase the APP to find out possibly in the near term. I was shocked at how fast the RPMs were under no load too.

  • @LidPhones Well, I have the app, so I can check it out myself! Will post my findings when I do.

  • @thegreck I just bought the APP so will post and update soon. We can compare.

  • @thegreck said in Sensor test:

    Just curious how fast the motor can spin the wheel without a person on it.


  • @mrb that is moving. It seemed fast too.

  • @mrb I found your other post where you must have used the app to read the unloaded OW speed. Thanks for posting again as I did not make the connection before.

  • @thegreck I was seeing 37.5 to 38.2 in the app it did not lock in just my range displayed.

  • @LidPhones Did you turn on wheel slip detection? If you don't, it measures the speed of the wheel spinning freely as your actual speed.

  • @thegreck yes wheel slip detection was on. Tried with it off and it read max at 39.5. Then reset my max speed.

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