Why is your helmet best?

  • Looking for a light comfortable helmet, what do you like or dislike about yours?

  • @Roy I originally bought a Triple 8 helmet, and it was decent, but it looked too bulky on my head for my liking. I saw @MichaelW 's S1 Lifer helmet at one of our LA meetups and liked it so I got one for myself. It has a lot more options for different sized heads, and it's not nearly as bulky. Been riding with this one for the past 6 months. It's the last piece of protection I still wear.


  • There was a guy here. E-sk8r who used a full face helmet like youd use one for riding your motorbike. I'm leaning towards that for a helmet. Just adds that mystery.

  • @thegreck I have a Triple 8. I My dad took this pic while we were riding yesterday. I sent it to my girlfriend and she said I look like Franklin the Turtle. :'(

  • @hustle Haha. Yeah, yours doesn't look bulky, but it depends on the size of your head since the size options are so limited with most helmet brands. My head is between the med and large sizes of most helmets, which means I'm forced to get the larger one, which is too big for my head. But the S1 has more size options and comes with various size foam inserts so you can make the fit perfect for your head size.

  • @thegreck I will say, my helmet is SOOOOOOO comfortable that I don't even care how it looks.

  • @hustle! I have the same Triple 8 helmet but in matte black. Like it a lot. Breathes pretty well, very light and it secures nicely on my head without being tight.

  • I wasn't that picky... got a Bell BMX style, flat black - biggest consideration was that I didn't want to look like a DORK... I rode a bike all my life and snowboarded for years without a helmet but after kissing the ground (grass thankfully) the day I got the OW I decided it was worth it. Oh, and the OneWheel sticker looks spectacular on the back!

  • Great reply's, I'm using my Smith snowboard helmet w/o the liner while I look for a more permanent helmet. The S-1 or the Triple 8 look like a reasonable choice. Anyone using Bern or POC?

  • @Roy I had a POC helmet for snowboarding and returned it instantly. It was soooo uncomfortable.

  • I bought this one and it saved my head!

    Bern Unlimited Men's Brentwood Summer Helmet with Flip Visor and Reflective Logos, Matte Black/Red/Reflective Silver, Large/X-Large https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GQHRFA8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_5dX1xbC9ER3RY

  • I love my flat black Burton R.E.D. Helmet.

  • @McFly Still using the Bern Brentwood? Does it get too hot in the summer?

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