Does anyone here not use a helmet?

  • Will you write me into your will? All I want is your OW when you pass.

  • @hustle and the charger- we want the charger as well!

  • @hustle I will be honest I very rarely use a helmet. I know I should but it's more habit than anything else. I have skated my whole life and only times I ever used pads were at skate parks that required them. Some people may say its dumb but I think I learned "how to fall" very well. Any fall I have had on the Onewheel has been nothing compared to falling off a rail going down a set of steps.

  • @hustle I've put 99 miles on my OW without a helmet. But after two relatively minor falls where I've bruised and scraped my elbow and hand, I purchased (and also, although neither has arrived yet).

    @ahxe45 I agree - it's a bad habit. I've been snowboarding on black diamonds on the east coast, Colorado, Utah, British Columbia, etc. for two decades and have never owned a helmet or any other protective gear.

  • @ahxe45 Knowing how to fall properly is the best skill any of us can have.

  • @ahxe45 I saw in your profile you're 24- I was the same way at your age! Being an old man of 46, and having taken a fair share of nasty wipes, I need to at least have a helmet and wrist guards on, knee + elbow pads most times, conditions depending.

  • @groovyruvy I have been considering buying some wrist guards or at least gloves because the worst I have done falling off the OW is scraped my hands up pretty bad.

  • I used to be the same exact way in my 20's. Now that I'm 33, when I fall, I fall hard ;) In all honesty, the protective gear really just gives me the piece of mind to ride more confidently. I highly recommend a helmet.

    I also highly recommend these pads from Amazon. My girlfriend and I have been satisfied with the overall quality. For $16 bucks, it's a solid value IMO

    Happy riding!

  • I hate wearing a helmet. I don't like the way I look in them. I get hot easily and so wearing a helmet is going to guarantee I arrive at work with some nasty hair.
    The thing with the OneWheel, and all of the horror stories - just in case it fails for whatever reason - I wear a helmet. I also take into consideration there are other drivers and pedestrians. Helmets are a preventative measure. The only time you wish you had one is when you didn't. My request stands. Will you write me in your will for the OW and charger, thanks @groovyruvy. I'll split half of my winnings with you.

  • granted I've only owned my OW for 5 days, but with over 20 miles so far, I don't think I'll wear one, except for trail riding. I took it on a mountain bike trail today in extreme mode and thought a helmet would be good. Hitting tree's sucks. I do wear one when snowboarding or at a wakeboard park, but not when wake boarding behind a boat, surfing or skateboarding. Ditto about falling right. That said, I've got 20 years riding in board sports, my kids however must wear helmets until they've broken a few bones and appreciate it.

  • @augie09 Tip for you, always ride in extreme. Don't bother with classic. Elevated if trail riding.

    That's fair. This post was mostly meant as a jest. I DO NOT want to tell people what they can and cannot do. Just ask that you think about me when writing your will is all :)
    That being said, I really enjoy this community and am not looking forward to the next story worse than @McFly's

  • are there any confirmed deaths or major head trauma due to onewheeling yet? I know anything is possible, just curious,,,,

  • I use this.. Comfy and really lite. I have Matt black which is nice.. Lots on sale right now

  • @hustle I knew where your post was going. Heck I am thinking how I can get my second OW. I agree that I do not want to hear about another @McFly like injury. That being said for all the OW family...... Enjoy the float, carve and jump/drop (if you dare) but above all be safe. Without your health there is no YOU!

  • I have this one, for mountain trail bikes lots of vents, very light.

    Giro hex helmet

    This one for snowboarding and onewheel at the pump track

  • @parrothd that Giro Cipher S is serious business!

  • I hate helmets. I value my life so I wear one. That is all. Also, when I was young I did some crazy shit (Including sex without scuba gear) and I am pretty sure I have used up my luck ;)

  • @groovyruvy hehehe.. it's great for snowboarding, keeps you warm.. :)

  • @MichaelW You fucking crack me up man!

  • Been pretty happy with this one.Run little large.
    I wear XL and ordered L and it's perfect.

  • @MichaelW scuba gear? That's some kinky shit..

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