Can you learn anything about your riding technique from the state of your riding shoes?

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    Most of the dirt accumulates on my right shoe. What does that mean?

  • @RLY Do you have a fender?

  • Your right leg is at the back

  • @RLY I'm guessing you ride regular foot?

  • @Wrex Yes, I have one of these:

    @LidPhones @thegreck Yep, I ride regular, with my left foot in front.

    Is there something I should be doing, based on the dirt patterns, to improve my technique?

  • @RLY From my experience if you have the fender and are on a dusty surface then by default the back foot (shoe) will collect the majority of dust. Similar to the rear of vehicle on a dirt or gravel road. The front is seeing clear air that is not disturbed.

  • @RLY I have nothing constructive to offer based on the appearance of the shoes it seems to be inline with expectations.

  • Maybe you could use a fender ;)

  • @LidPhones Got it, thanks.

    @njcustom I've never ridden without a fender - and after riding on wet grass and through puddles (and in the dark, probably horse dung), I can only imagine what happens to people who ride without fenders.

  • @RLY hahahahahahahaa

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