ISO videos of people carving on their OW with their hands touching the ground

  • So I recently ordered a pair of gloves and now I'm wondering if I'm actually going to get good use out of them, or if they're just going to be for protection during falls. On a snowboard I can do something like this:
    alt text
    (not me - image courtesy Google images)

    Does anyone have any videos or still shots of OWers carving in a similar fashion?

  • look at his board. almost perfectly flat plane all the way down. your plane is the bottom of the wheel. not quite as much to work with.

  • @thegreck good find. I knew that I had seen a hands down OW ride. Very cool but requires some reduced friction as shown in the video.

  • @LidPhones also basically means bending over at the waist as OW can't get up on its side

  • @groovyruvy agreed. The video only shows a little bit of wheel lift as he slides backwards on a hard toe side slide.

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