• it would seem the board only responds to tilt and not roll--but i'm not so sure.

    --any ideas?

  • @mrb I'm thinking roll does do something since the gyros are measuring it. My guess would be that there's less acceleration the more roll detected, so people don't spin out when turning.

  • You could run your board with the wheel off the ground and roll it and see if the motor changes at all.

  • @wr420 Good idea. Maybe @mrb already tried it and noticed there was no difference. I suppose FM could've just included the ability to detect roll in case they needed it in future updates.

  • When I hold a corner at speed the front always rises slightly..

  • @thehoff Oh interesting. I had said maybe it slows down, but it makes more sense that it would actually speed up (which is what causes the front end to raise), since you're supposed to accelerate through turns.

  • the drivetrain disengages a bit past 30°.

    it seems that 0° is reset every time you get on the footswitch. if you get on the board leaning in one direction like on uneven ground or on a hill then the board would crap out with enough roll the other way.

    i will test this further.

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