Visiting Orlando area Sept. 28-Oct. 4 - anyone want to ride?

  • I'll be visiting family just north of Orlando for a week at the end of Sept/beginning of Oct. I don't want to risk bringing my OneWheel on the airplane, but if any of you Florida riders are going to be in the area, I'd love to connect!

  • @1woman1wheel My dad and I shipped our OW's this week via UPS and are going to be in St. Augustine the 23rd-30th, but that is pretty far from Orlando.

  • @hustle That's actually only an hour and a half from where I'll be. How much did it cost to ship? Not sure I want to be without it before/after the trip...

  • @1woman1wheel I know.. I'm without it all week. It will get to my Grandparents on Thursday. It will be nice to have it on the beach though!!
    Cost me $87.08 through UPS =/ The price will be worth it though to cruise with my pops on the beach!
    alt text

  • @hustle Ugh definitely can't afford it then. I just finished doing out my budget for the next 2 months to finally pay off the original purchase of the OneWheel and let's just say there is no fat in that budget.

  • Damn airlines...

  • @sonny123 Yeah, it really is terrible... I contacted the airline that I use for work related trips, they didn't even answer me!!

  • You picked a weekend UCF is playing out of town.... no excuse for me to drive up :(

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL Correction: I picked a weekend that had the cheapest airfare.

    And aren't I an excuse to drive up???? XD

  • Your not single... :)

    What are you doing in town... the usual attractions?

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL Oh I see how it is

    Visiting my birth-mom... she's got a long list of activities... OneWheeling definitely isn't on it though. I think parasailing is so that's pretty neat

  • @1woman1wheel It's insane how peaceful and quiet it is when you're up there parasailing. Also kinda creepy as you can see shadows of fish and what not swimming in the waters below.

  • @1woman1wheel 3 hour drive to meet total strangers... I realize your a hot chick and people usually just do things for you... that magic doesn't work on me. Not cause I'm gay. But because I have patent pending glasses that allow me to resist these particular snake charms. :)

    You come down to Fort Lauderdale, I'll drive you anywhere you need to go. :)

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL said .. I realize your a hot chick and people usually just do things for you... that magic doesn't work on me. Not cause I'm gay...

    I'm not touching that with a 10 foot pole..

  • @westcoastr
    I second that!
    @Aaron-Broward-FL Wow..

  • If you read the rest of it, it is pretty funny... patent pending glasses.. and then I say.. I will drive her anywhere... which means I will do her bidding... what are you guys freaking out about, that I said, I'm not gay?

    I think everyone needs to chill. I called her hot, said I'm immune to her charms, then basically said I wasn't. So.... I'm not really seeing the controversy here. But... I don't know how old everyone here is.... do we need to create safe spaces :)

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL No worries at all. Mine was more that you came right out and said what most of us gents would be thinking. LOL

  • @LidPhones ohhhh.. I hosted a political talk radio show...

    I am old crotchety and I started a new philosophy of life 2 years ago.. I don't give a fuck! :)

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL that's a lucky mentality to have. I'm slowly starting to get there but I haven't abandoned all of my fucks yet. I still have a field where they grow. Slowly releasing them to the wild as I age.

  • 😂😂😂 omg you guys stahp, you're killing me. @Aaron-Broward-FL thank you (I think? lol)

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