Post High Odometer numbers

  • Since I just got the OWBuddy App, I can finally see how far I've gone since last December. I am only at 166 miles. Just wondering who on the forum has the highest number. Not a contest. Just wondering how far you guys and gals have gone.

  • @hekkubus around 500 miles. More than a little but not nearly as much as others in this forum.

  • I'm just under 500 and will go over after tonight's ride. I think I read 1500 miles is the highest the odo will go before the milage resets to zero. Don't quote me on that though til someone confirms.

  • 220 miles on my clock

  • Hahaha just downloaded the ponewheel app and I have exactly 777 miles!! Couldn't believe my eyes lol

  • Isn't it crazy to think you've ridden over 150 miles on your OW? Or over 500 for some of you!

  • 0_1474356421096_SmartSelectImage_2016-09-20-15-24-08.png

    I've done 1985 km or about 1230 miles.

  • @depressedguy Dang, dude! That's some mileage. Congrats on the long rides.
    Coincidentally, the same year back to the future came out! :p You should do a back to the future pic to commemorate the mileage.

  • @depressedguy you may want to consider changing your handle to something other than depressed- how could you feel that way with 1985 km under your belt? :)

  • I've got 700 miles on serial #5070 and 300 miles on #6272. Hard to believe the've traveled that far. So far, no real problems on either.

  • 0_1474395947410_Image-1.png

  • @CarvingUphillAVL NICE odometer reading :)

  • At what type of mileage would anyone suggest to send the board to Future motion so they can check it out and replace the tire & pads?

  • @CarvingUphillAVL Damn looks like I got beat, that's a lot of riding man.

    Actually I created my account right after my massive wipe out on my onewheel way back, had the main pcb(along with a lot of other things) replaced. Not sure if that reset the odometer though haha.

  • @hekkubus 1100km and now needing a tire replacement. Will be curious to hear what kinda mileage others got out of their first tire.. I have been riding virtually exclusively on pavement (city)

  • @SaturnOne I've just hit 2k and still on my first tyre😊, needed to use a fix a flat to patch a lake though

  • @depressedguy - did your speedo reset to zero at 1500 miles? I thought I read that somewhere, just trying to confirm.

  • @depressedguy Wooha! That's a lot!! Means you rode mostly on softer (unpaved) roads? How long did you ride after you used the fix a flat?
    I am currently getting not just one leak but the usual wear and tear with foam/slime coming out of the tire. The pressure still is ok for now.
    But your "fix a flat" story makes me wonder whether I could also use such a product (and delay the tire replacement) or whether I should replace right away. Given that slime is coming out of the tire, injecting new slime may not help much?

  • @SaturnOne I bought mine late March and soon had an overnight leak and added two ounces of Stan's Tire stuff. I'm not sure if they had slime in it already from the factory or not but I haven't adjusted the tire pressure since May or so. no problems
    0_1474807303921_Screenshot_20160925-084106.png to

  • 0_1475019430548_IMG_1822.jpg

  • I started riding mine on September 1, 2016:


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