Inter/National Meet - Next Summer?

  • It would be pretty sweet to try and find a date that we could all try and meet up. I think the West Coast would probably be best but we could vote on location/time for it.

    Anyone interested and would be able to commit to the idea? I'd help organize.

  • @hustle great idea.. how good would it be if we all could meet somewhere super cool.. my idea is, we all meet and ride the Great Wall in China!!

  • I literally just had a conversation with someone, wishing this would happen!

  • @thehoff Hahaha it'd be pretty wild to have a caravan of OW's cruising down the Great Wall.
    I understand getting you Euro's over here is going to be tough but I think it will be difficult to talk the majority of OW'ers from the US to go overseas somewhere.
    @1woman1wheel Let's make it happen!

  • @hustle I would still consider coming over and making a holiday of the trip.. clear water in Florida might be cool.. or you could plan the longest onewheel ride for charity, were we pack a backpack and plan charge stops along the way and try and ride for a few hundred miles
    .. all for a good cause.

  • @thehoff Thats a great idea. I bet FM would sponsor that!

  • @thehoff

    I'd be worried they'll confiscate my OW and give me a Trotter.

  • I love this idea! After months of riding by myself, it would be amazing to ride with an international pack of friends. There's just that little matter of transporting all those OWs...

  • @westcoastr never thought of the transportation issues!! Maybe FM could supply the boards needed for the trip.

    I'm sure they have lots of demo boards that they could lend us for the charity ride!

  • @thehoff @westcoastr AT LEAST for the international attendee's. The people in the states can ship them but for you out of country folks - that would cost a fortune.

  • @hustle

    Great Idea! I will try to make it if gets locked in.

    I am thinking about a Central Iowa meet up at an indoor karting place. I will post a link if I can get something set up. It would be fun to do a OWcross on the indoor track.

  • @LidPhones I'm pretty sure my dad would come down for that if we did it. Let me know what you find!

  • I'm in :) but from France, I need a least one or two years to save my money and organize my holidays for that kind of trip!!!!! Riding with my U.S would be "THE DREAM" !!!

  • @thegreck ahah! ⤴⤴⤴

  • This is a healthy idea! Maybe multiple simultaneous meets on the same date. East cost West coast Europe....

  • @kbman Maybe even a Guinness world record for the most OW'rs on a ride?

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