Any Baltimore riding??

  • Out here in bmore any good riding ??

  • Hello, neighbor!

    I'm not actually in Baltimore; I'm a few miles west. I used to venture into the city more often and I imagined it might be fun (and practical) to ride a OW. I still haven't yet.
    Some parts of town didn't have the best roads and sidewalks. I was a little concerned about cracks in the terrain damaging my OW and admittedly also somewhat concerned about stray lead in the air damaging my body.
    I get out around my neighborhood and some local paths about once a week. I ride around and inside my house almost every day. I haven't found any exceptional paths in my area but I'm still looking.

  • The inner harbor would seem like a really cool place to ride.

  • Yeah buddy - Patterson Park, Canton Waterfront, Jones Falls Trail, Harbor to Fed Hill. I live right by Patterson Park and I'm down for a ride after work today.

  • I'm in Towson been riding round this little hipster town looking for other places to ride I feel like Ima get ran over

  • @dirtyjersey Towson is the pits. There's a skate park in Hampden, otherwise come down to the city and hit me up there's some great riding down here.

  • @Hubbitron where at in the city ?? I'm down to ride today

  • @dirtyjersey Sorry bud I had band practice last night. I live right by Patterson Park in Southeast. I'll PM you my contact info.

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