Is there anything that needs routine cleaning or oiling/maintenance?

  • I cant find anything that addresses this.

  • If there is, I missed it...
    The only maintenance I've been giving is a ride (or two) a day..
    Agreed. That could have been more about maintenance of the rider than of the OW.

  • I always oil my bearings after 3 or 4 rides. You can use a small amount, (2 drops)and then ride it and you feel the difference. I reccomend the thin stuff like Skanunu or Bones speed cream. Check youtube for application videos on skateboards. If I had a boosted board I would definately oil the motor bearings. If you have 3 in 1 oil that would be fine. Whatever is thin and will protect from rust. I put some 3 in 1 on my elliptical bearings (theres 12 total)and it seemed to work better than the skate lubes. Its alot cheaper too.

  • @frotozoa said in Is there anything that needs routine cleaning or oiling/maintenance?:

    I always oil my bearings after 3 or 4 rides.

    If I were a Onewheel bearing, what would I look like and where would I be located?

  • @thegreck
    The bearings are orange and on the center portion of the wheel.
    You can oil in 2 spots. You will see the line going around it. This is where to apply the oil. Get it in the groove, Its going to protect the bearings from water and help them roll smoother. When I need to clean mine I use the Skanunu cleaner/lube which is orange. Then I'll run it for a mile and wipe around the bearing. But make sure you apply the regular oil without cleaners which is clear after that step. Or just use 3 in 1 oil which has anti rust additives and is cheap and canbe found at your local wally world. Don't overdue it though. I have never had any issues after 200 miles. I was concerned at first that it might find its way to the motor but I doubt it would since I havent had any malfunctions. Start with 1 or 2 small drops and let it run around the groove of the bearing. See the photo for points to apply the lube.
    The groove on the right is almost covered by the plastic rim but its there. Theyre just like the skateboard bearings only twice the size0_1474759204770_image.jpeg

  • @frotozoa Thanks for the good info!

  • @frotozoa Man.. I've cleaned my longboard bearing every four months I ride for the past 11 years and never once thought to run my OW bearings through the same rigmarole. Thanks for the info (the reminder and heads up :) )
    @mark62 Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  • @thegreck @hustle @mark62
    No problem,Thanks for the nudge to clarify the procedure. I hope it keeps everyone rolling past 1000 miles.
    Also, make sure you brush the bearing off with a paint brush or a soft brush beforehand. I forgot that step.

  • @frotozoa Thanks for the reminder and procedure. I will add this to my tire pressure check interval.

  • You guys still recommend this? It shouldn't void the warranty right?

  • @noahsw what warranty?

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