• Does anyone know if these forums were built specifically for FM/OW or if this is a format that you can download and integrate into your own site?

  • That's a good question. I asked myself the same, and even went to the source code of the page looking for some hint, but I could not find anything.

  • @hustle I have not seen this implementation before and like @matto I did not learn anything from the page code.

  • Looks like they've recently stripped all the notation from the site so it appears that they made it themselves, but it's actually this:

  • Yeah you can see script and css calls in the source:

    "<script src="/nodebb.min.js?b6411b70-4146-4aa1-91c4-f00a65d25d14"></script>"
    "<link rel="stylesheet" href="/plugins/nodebb-plugin-markdown/styles/railscasts.css" />"

  • @thegreck nice. Damn expensive though. I love the design.
    Looking for a good forums to integrate with my site and not finding anything I really like.

  • @hustle Years ago I really liked vBulletin, but I have no recent feedback.

  • It is very expensive, but it looks like if you manage to install it yourself in your own server it's free. Take a look:

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