Anybody ever left their ultra charger in the rain

  • Anybody have any advice on drying out ultra charger?

  • @ashewheeler
    I would say large ziplock bag'O rice to start, wrap in paper towel before inserting in rice bag. Then some room temp airflow to force dry any remaining moisture.

  • @LidPhones thanks sounds like good strategery

  • @LidPhones what do you think about setting out in sun?

  • @ashewheeler setting it out in the hot sun may do more damage. Unless you are in a colder climate you could destroy heat sensitive components internally also it may cause humidity inside of the charger with the sun directly on it.

  • @ahxe45 thanks bagOrice it is.

  • @ashewheeler said in Anybody ever left their ultra charger in the rain:

    @ahxe45 thanks bagOrice it is.

    Be sure it's uncooked!

  • @thegreck That is is too funny. Good catch. That must be why it never worked for me.

  • @LidPhones great suggestion and what I used to do with my non waterproof phones! Another option would be to purchase some flower drying crystals from a craft store and use those in place of rice, but the rice works great.

  • And don't be in a rush to plug it back in too soon. It could take a while to pull the moisture out of the block if some got in there. Seems pretty well sealed though.

  • @ashewheeler I agree with @wr420 about not plugging it in too soon. Last thing you would want is to plug it in and by chance it fries your board and charger. Probably better to sacrifice a few days and play it safe and really make sure it is completely dry rather than being without your board for a few weeks. Who knows FM may say that something of that nature is not covered under warranty and you could have to pay out of pocket if it damages your board but I highly doubt it from hearing about other people having repair work done for free. If you are really worried about it maybe consider Ponying up and buying a new charger.

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