OW Backpack Idea (new)

  • So i was thinking through the backpack idea again, and i think that we can do something like this pretty easily (rough photoshop, don't judge :) )

    alt text

    This specific hardshell case would'n't actually work due to the zipper placement, but i just used it for an example. Essentially what i'm thinking is to have a hardshell case like above , about 7-8" deep which would allow the OW wheel to sit with the top of the board resting against the top of the case w/ the top of the wheel and both sides exposed. on the inside i would have foam cutout. you would open the case sit the board down flush into the foam insert , close the case , latch it , and you're off. could also have areas in the foam cutout (under the board) with room for the charger and other little items.


  • Love it!!

  • Well, that actually looks like a good idea to me. You even have space to put some other stuff in there.

  • @detroitwheelin It's a good idea, but I think the wheel through the hole is enough to keep it in place, so I'd rather see covered compartments instead of foam inside. They could be used to hold the charger and other small items. Better use of the space for something that big..

  • @thegreck makes sense , maybe just a wheel well in the center to alight it and then zipper compartments on top and bottom

  • @detroitwheelin I love it. What price target are you thinking could be achieved?

  • @matto said in OW Backpack Idea (new):

    Well, that actually looks like a good idea to me. You even have space to put some other stuff in there.

    No, there wouldn't be any extra space cause the rest of it will be filled with 18650's allowing multiple on the go recharges lol

  • Can someone Photoshop some of these in there?

    Could make it partly DIY and provide for the ability to put false bottoms in it to store 18650' s that can be salvaged from laptop batteries, Coupled with the solar charge controller mentioned in another thread.and it serves multiple purposes.

  • @wr420 actually not a bad idea .. Although probably wouldn't allow for much extra room and would make it even heavier

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