Cleaning poop out of your fender sucks.

  • Having to unscrew your OW fender to thoroughly clean off horse dung or dog poop sucks.

    But I guess it's better than having your dry cleaner remove it from your pants if you didn't have a fender.

  • @RLY I ride without a fender and do a fair bit of grass / offroading, and I despise running over poop. So far it's been contained to the tire, underside and the gap between the tire and the footpad, but it's still stinky business. When it happens I get off as much as I can right there, and then back at home I go full-bore- wire brush, lysol wipes, Popsicle sticks, whatever it takes.

  • @groovyruvy hah I do the same with my lysol wipes and sticks. I had a pretty bad incident a few weeks ago running over all sorts of goose poop. To the point where the tire was coated in it and I had a ton that collected on rear under side of fender in front of rear foot. I didn't realize it at the time and was driving to a different location and kept getting whiffs of it. It doesn't come off all that easily either.
    [I also use this product (owned prior to my OW) and will always give it a good blast after long rides] (

  • Cleaning poop sucks....

  • It's easy with my fender ;)

  • @njcustom I was thinking that. Come ride with us next time and let me see it in person!

  • @RLY absolutely

  • I have never run over any poop. The closest I've gotten is a dog who pee'd on my board while i stepped off to wait to cross the street. I was not happy. LOL

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