Who's in San Francisco?

  • It would be great to share info or get together.

    Any tips on great places to ride or charge, or experiences with the Onewheel in this environment would be welcomed.

  • There are many OW riders in the South Bay area. We typically meet up and ride on weekends. You just have to pick a place to ride and put out a call for riders. With a few days notice several people usually show up. I'm up for riding this weekend in the Bay Area.

  • Where in the South Bay area do you guys meet up to ride?

  • We meet at various locations, read the thread and see where we have riden. All locations are fun, would meet you at any of them this weekend.


  • @jim sounds good. Maybe not this weekend. But when you guys do get together let me know. I'd like to join.

  • I'm in Alameda. But I OW in to the city almost every day for work. FiDi ---> SOMA and back.

    Best ride I've done so far was up 3rd St. all the way to North Beach. It's so nice having the choice to use the sidewalk or bike lane.

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