Ready to Ride! It has been too long.... What is your favorite place to OW?

  • @dalisdair - the motor is pretty robust. It has thermal protection so even if you forcibly stop the wheel and try to accelerate it will just shut down the motor controller and you will have to restart the board.
    I would go for it and if you notice this happening then you are pushing too hard.

    For me Golf Courses at night are the best. I work in SF and live in San Mateo so I'm not too far from you. If you are interested in coming along next time(Oct 14-16 full moon) I can let you know. This is kind of a covert mission that is probably technically trespassing and we will be riding at night without lights some of the time, especially while riding the fairways. Anyone else interested let me know.

  • @wr420 do the golf courses allow you on, or I'm guessing you just go for it?

  • I have yet to really do much off roading. Mostly been on walking/biking paths. Looking forward to exploring more though!

  • @groovyruvy - Ya just going for it. This course happens to be in a small town and it intersects roads so there are cross walks for the golf carts to cross the street. There are no gates on these entrances.

  • Just started doing some narrow hiking trails with vertical in the Sourland mountains of New Jersey. It's fun to have more challenging terrain to conquer. Just keep a close eye on large tree roots and be ready to run it out.

  • Slick, smooth, pebble free asphalt. 0_1475194366495_IMG_0170.jpg

  • @wr420

    Sounds cool, I'd be up for it. Please let me know. How many Onewheels get together?

  • @Polle

    I've heard it, not often, it's happened on sidewalk ramps on hills. It whines, struggles, and slows down. It's also happened a few times when the wheel slipped and spun on gravel, which doesn't make sense to me.

  • @LidPhones I feel your pain. Haven't been able to ride for almost a week now. My tire is dead and (1) FM doesn't have a repair center in Europe, and (2) I can't find a replacement tire so I can't even change it myself [had gotten good tips from @sonny123] They don't seem to have that size around here, at least not for the VEGA brand ...
    Considering buying an additional OW instead of burning $500 on replacement/shipping to CA..
    I had gotten used to riding daily--often more than one charge. How long have you been away without riding? Any particular sensations when you got back to it?

    In terms of favourite place. Not sure I have a favourite place. I do have a favourite type or riding: the seesaw motion with headphones on.

  • @wr420

    Are you still planning your night ride this weekend?

  • @dalisdair - weather is looking bad this weekend so I'm not sure. According to the forecast Monday may be the only option although tonight might be doable.

  • My favorite is a nearby park with smooth dirt trails and my dog running along with me. Rougher trails are also fun as I must really work to find a suitable path through the rocks and tree roots exposed. Small features for a bike are a big deal on the OW.

  • I spent my lunch today cruising the Embarcadero and nearby areas by the bay, it was outrageously great, super fun, the best ride I've had. There is a pier in that area the Onewheel has or had in one of their promotional loops.

    I'm starting to get really comfortable and hitting high speed pushback more than I'd like and it surprises me, I don't feel I'm going that fast, and now I understand those who want more speed. I have to take the bus home today, and get a second charger. I'm going to be spending all my lunches riding. I need more battery life, 6 miles is not enough. I'm looking forward to an improved Onewheel at some point, a few more miles per hour and at least double the battery life would be great.

    It's a weird feeling, it seems like I get pushback, and I try and slow down a bit, and it doesn't feel like I'm slowing down for a few moments and I feel a little out of control like I can't brake, then it starts feeling normal again.


    I can't go tonight, but I'll keep checking this thread, I'd like to join you another time, but weekends are really best for me if I have to drive out to meet up. I might be able to do a weekday sometime.

  • @dalisdair You aren't riding in Classic by any chance, are you? If so, switch to Extreme.

  • @dalisdair - When you start getting push back are you going in a straight line? If so try carving and fight the push back in the turns to gain speed.

  • If I had a destination suggestion as a favorite place, I'd suggest Chattanooga. This summer I rode around downtown Chattanooga, and it was a blast. They have a huge walking bridge that goes across the Tennessee river. Down below the bridge there's a river walk that goes under the vehicle bridge. There's a switchback path for pedestrians that is akin to the famous street in San Fran that is so curvy. Outside of Chattanooga there are some hiking paths that you can see Mike Tavares taking on in one of his youtube videos Mike Tavares Stingers Ridge. He, of course, makes it look easy. I'd recommend if you're in Chattanooga to take your OW with you.

    Second favorite place has become my back yard and my deck, which is about 600 sq. feet. I'll set up obstacles and practice hairpin turns around them. I'm also pretty fortunate to have a park right across the street from my road. It has a one mile long walking track around it and a play ground that is fun to carve in and around.

  • @thegreck
    No, I'm always in Elevated mode, I'd recommend it over Extreme, but I spend lots of time on hills so I may be biased.

  • @wr420

    I'm going in a straight line usually when I get the high speed pushback. When I ride I think it's more like gentle curves than true carving, but I don't have any other experience, so I'm not exactly sure what it meant by carving. I wouldn't mind going faster, but I'm too scared to push through the pushback.

  • @dalisdair By carving I meant repeated S turns back to back. It allows me to push the nose down in the turn. I feel like the forces on the board while turning stabalize it a bit allowing you to push it a bit further with more control for a second and then let up until the next turn. Hard for me to explain, maybe someone else can do a better job.

  • @wr420

    By "fight the pushback", do you mean push through it, until I'm past it?

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