Ready to Ride! It has been too long.... What is your favorite place to OW?

  • @wr420

    I'm going in a straight line usually when I get the high speed pushback. When I ride I think it's more like gentle curves than true carving, but I don't have any other experience, so I'm not exactly sure what it meant by carving. I wouldn't mind going faster, but I'm too scared to push through the pushback.

  • @dalisdair By carving I meant repeated S turns back to back. It allows me to push the nose down in the turn. I feel like the forces on the board while turning stabalize it a bit allowing you to push it a bit further with more control for a second and then let up until the next turn. Hard for me to explain, maybe someone else can do a better job.

  • @wr420

    By "fight the pushback", do you mean push through it, until I'm past it?

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