Turn lights on and off manually without using app?

  • Another question, is there a way to turn off the OW lights manually without using the app? I cannot connect to my OW via the app. I read a post on how to change the shaping modes manually but didn't see anything about turning lights on and off.

  • @LayneStam I don't think there is. But have you tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling just to be sure it's not the app that's not working? Hoping you don't have to send that thing back in right after getting it back!

  • @thegreck thanks for the advice but lucky for me I got it to work thank goodness. I updated my software on my iPhone and now I am able to connect with my OW. I find it interesting cause it worked with the old software three weeks ago. Oh well, problem solved and I don't have to send it back to FM. Feels good to be back on the board. Waiting for it to get repaired was painful.

  • there is a way! but I dont remember. I have seen it on this board before. Hopefully whoever posted it last time sees this..

    Its something to do with the footpads.

  • @kelp I know you can change the shaping modes with the foot pads but haven't heard or seen any posts about turning the lights off with them. Would be a nice thing in case you don't have your phone on you or in my case earlier today, I couldn't connect with my board with my phone.

  • @LayneStam If they made a change to the electronics when you sent it in, the app could be looking for something that's not there anymore. Just had to clear the cache.

  • @LayneStam How long was she away? Mine is at headquarters getting repaired. Thanks man.

  • @Brandohim they had it for a week and a half. When they sent it back it took two days via FedEx ground.

  • @LayneStam Thanks for the info. I'm in Pa. so, it's gonna be a lil' longer... i think. I'm mentally preparing for about a month and a half without it. I'm loosing it. I love that damn board. 🚷🚷I hope it's sooner🙏🏻.

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