It was HARD to bring her to Costa Rica...

  • So after dealing with USPS, a private post service, customs, tax exception, a ton of paperwork and a zillion of emails she is here!!!

    My own Onewheel, All I feel is pain and all I see is blood, but this thing is awesome....

    Costa Rica Streets (Except the main roads) are old, patched, with dangerous holes, MANY speed bumps and lose rocks, an adventure...

    This is my 1st video riding (not a pro on this :D :D )

  • @eduardoarburola
    Sweet video. Looks like a fun ride. Enjoy the OW

  • @eduardoarburola Of all the different electric boards, OneWheel is the only one that can handle the streets in CR! I hope you recover from all those falls, and keep on having fun!

  • Thank you! , trying to become one with this magnificent beast :)

  • @eduardoarburola Yeah those roads are pretty sketch! But whenever someone says they wreck a lot, I have to ask: you've switched from Classic for Extreme, right? Classic causes more accidents than all the potholes in the world. It limits control and induces crashes.

  • @thegreck HA! I didn't know that, I am going to give it a try and report back, thanks!!

  • I've got to get to CR!

  • lol my neighborhood in America looks just like this; it's terrible. And they just cut up the road even more to do something with the water mains. Hoping the utility will pay to pave it because some of these potholes could swallow my tire whole....

  • Our roads are pretty rough too, and we have some awesome beaches here in NJ but I hear nothing but praise for the CR surf and rainforests.

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