Back on the proverbial horse (AKA Onewheel)!

  • Some of you might remember my bad crash that left me with a broken shoulder, bruised ribs and injured hip a few weeks back. Today; for the first time since, I took out the Onewheel and slowly rode it around for about a half a mile. My arm is still not completely healed and I was very afraid of taking another spill so I kept it slow and only rode about .5 miles (I'm so afraid of falling; if I were to fall on that arm again I'd be in real trouble!). It felt good and I can't wait to be completely healed and build my confidence on it again.

    Thanks to all that have encouraged me to get back on the Onewheel.

    Original Crash Thread:

  • @McFly way to go bro!

  • All right all right all right

  • @McFly And you're in Extreme, right?

  • @thegreck Yep

  • @McFly You got this!

  • Hey man great job. Get back on her and have fun. I myself took a pretty nasty fall today. I know what I did wrong and now I'm a better rider for it. I.E. Trying to go to fast. I guess my board gives up at 25mph.

  • @McFly great work!

  • @McFly Slow and steady is the way. Time for some Waterboy...

    "You can doo IT"

  • @McFly
    You can only get better, the more you ride. Slowly the fear will fade.
    I think Yoda said that!

  • @frotozoa I didn't think that I would be afraid of it but I find that I am very nervous on it. Hopefully, I will get my confidence back.

  • Still nervous every time I get on this thing. I want to ride it so bad but lack the confidence after that fall even though I have been doing low speed maneuvers and still balancing. When I go down the road I feel like I'm going so slow that it isn't even fun; any faster and I'm afraid I'll crash again. Ugh

  • @McFly I can understand where you are coming from I have only nosed down pushing too fast up hill as I went too quickly past pushback ( ran it out once, fell once trying to recover by push the tail end out from under me).

    I suggest riding up to the pushback limit when the OW front lifts up. You should be safe to that point. Have fun at normal speeds for a bit.

  • @McFly :
    I also had a crash where I damaged my shoulder some time ago. You might try something like that
    It has (flexible - but high impact) protectors everywhere, as well as on the shoulder. I use it everytime I go offroad or if I want to ride like crazy. It really helps a lot when falling, no matter where you fall.

  • @cr4p Thanks for sharing - I bought the Onewheel to ride casually around town and take with me on trips for downtown commuting. I don't want to feel like have to be all suited up just to go check out the sights or go dinner. If I were trying to be extreme or do tricks that protector seems really nice.

  • @McFly I definitely went through that after my bad spill too. It goes away eventually. I had to regain my confidence on smooth surfaces and away from crowds. Now that I've learned to trust the board and gotten to know it more intimately, it's not scary anymore ^_^

  • I hit a pothole at full speed last night. Definitely took it slow on my way to work today haha.

    0_1476993940847_Photo on 10-20-16 at 4.05 PM #3.jpg

  • @Hubbitron total Onewheel bruise. Was that with wearing an elbow pad, or without?

  • @groovyruvy without. Luckily I was wearing my backpack because I slid on my back for about 10 feet.

  • @Hubbitron good way to lose some skin

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