Tire change in Europe

  • We just got the first tires for Onewheel! If you need just the tire or the whole change service with sealant and everything, we are there!
    The tire is 99 € + postage (30 € to EU)
    Tire change is 199 € + postage (40 € to EU + your costs to send the board to us, we're based in Finland)

    That should be somewhat more cost effective than sending the board back to US. Contact us: info(a)newtechsports.fi

    Our website links (Sorry about the language, e-mail works in English, Swedish and German)

    alt text

  • Whats the price to send 1-2 tires to Sweden?
    Edit : I cant read :p

    Ignore this ; Also, the page defaults to finish. And nothing on atleast the mobile site helps telling us non finish guys how to even change languge :(

  • Good to hear there's finally tires in Europe. Hadn't had any luck this far.
    Prices seem pretty steep though if you look at this US link. Am really I misreading that they are offering 6 tires for 59$?

  • @BadWolf Same here on desktop mode.. I suspect that if you want to communicate in English, you'd have to rely exclusively on e-mail?

  • @SaturnOne

    6 is part of the tire size. It's $59 for each.

  • @SaturnOne

    Yeah, I missunderstood it first. Thats why I edit my post, but didnt remove me being stupid. :D

    But that is what he said yes :) site in finish, email works with english

  • @sonny123 said in Tire change in Europe:


    6 is part of the tire size. It's $59 for each.

    And they want crap alot for shipping.. then there is toll and crap like that :(

  • @BadWolf The price is as above, but the postage you pay only once. So one tire: 129 €, two tires: 228 €. In payments we prefer Paypal, but other means can be agreed on.

    We are working on more international sites, but I hope you can bear with us for a moment. :) Our e-commerce platform supports well only national stuff, so we have to make a small international one too with a different platform. For the moment: E-mail & Google translate helps.

    You can also just post here what you want (+ e-mail with some coding to avoid spam) and I'll throw a Paypal invoice for you.

    Pricing comes from VAT + the fact that in EU no one other but us Onewheelers use the tire size. In US they use it tons in go-cart so the volume discounts are better. But we are slowly building the OW community up and beyond the go-cart! ;)

  • It would be great if shops around the US started offering this service!

  • Just to be curious, are you guys changing the tires manually or with a tire-machine-thing?

  • @Polle We use tire changing machine that fits to go-kart tires.

  • @newtechsports do you also balance the wheel?

  • @Roy We check the balance and do a test drive, but a properly installed wheel doesn't need any further balancing.

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