New hi-beam feature 👍

  • Although I do not use my lights very often, I must say the new highbeam feature on the OWheelbuddy app is pretty nifty. Great job.

  • @DocBlock I've been looking for this. I'm pretty sure I've updated. Where is it, and what does it do?

  • @RLY Just press the "Light" icon for more than 1 second to turn it on ...

  • How does this work? Allows more voltage to the LEDs?

  • @njcustom No, I think the lights have exactly the same brightness as when riding with standard lights enabled - but you can change the brightness in steps via BLE.

    So actually the "high beam" feature just means that the brightness is always at same full level, no matter if there's a rider on the board or not. Also when enabled, the board doesn't care about the direction, the front light (where the sensor is) are always white and the rear one red.

    I think this was just implemented by FM for testing purposes ...

  • Having them flash looks cool but very annoying.. lol. On mine in pretty sure they're brighter. I rarely ride with the lights on, but when I do you can tell the difference between reg and hi..

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