Looking to ride/demo in western New York

  • Hello all !!! A couple friends and I are very interested in getting a OneWheel. Sadly no dealers near here are selling boards or have any to demo prior to purchase. Looking for riders near Buffalo, NY who might be willing to meet up and ride? We skate now, and surf (when able to travel away from buffalo). One wheel crew suggested I post here to find riding groups/ppl in area. This product looks sick! Would love to try it. Anyone close to Buffalo? Thanks for reading!!!!!

  • It IS sick! Just buy it!

  • I had to drive 4 hours to Vermont for a test ride before I bought mine.... good luck!

  • hey there. I own a onewheel and I live in Newfane and work in Cheektowaga. where are you located?

  • If you're ever in NYC.
    I'm 20 minutes ride from Midtown in Astoria.
    You're welcome to demo mine.

  • I had never ever ridden a board (well, stood on a snowboard for one day) when I got mine. Did have unicycling experience. And that's why I knew the OW is what I needed next! It's not a coincidence that both share the "one wheel".. there is something fundamentally, even if surprising, similar in the riding experience.

  • I'm in Manhattan a few blocks from Central Park if you want a demo.

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  • Hey Nixon186! I live in Lancaster, work in williamsville..... Sry just saw this post ! I'd love to meet up if you are willing. Thank you! ( and thank you sonny123 for the offer - no plans to get out to NYC for the foreseeable future).

  • Thanks RLY - man u guys are making me want to come to NYC ! ! ! ! ! :) This forum is pretty cool.

  • Well Nixon - I'll keep checking back here - hope everyone has a great holiday season.

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