First time charge of battery

  • Hi guys!
    I'm a new owner of OW.
    Can I enquire do I need to charge it overnight (8hrs or so) like a new mobile phone?
    Or it's good enough when the light turns green??

  • I got mine a couple of weeks ago. I turned it on and used it until the battery died, then charged it until the light went green and went at it again. Charge over night once a week or once a month.

  • Hey larghia,
    Thxs a lot for the tip.
    Guess I'll do the same...👍
    Btw what's the diff between the classic mode(beginners) n extreme?
    Any comments n tips?
    Btw I skateboard,any diff?

  • I asked the same queston, FM said they come fully charged when you get it. So I just got on and started riding. And I went straight to Extreme, I haven't even messed with classic.

  • @icescorpio listen to @DVO , there is no use for classic mode. It is actually harder for beginners than Extreme mode because pushback kicks in and makes riding uncomfortable at a lower speed.

  • Agree with the mode. Classic has way aggressive pushback, compared to the natural smooth one in extreme mode.
    Just don't drive recklessly ;)

  • @Dvo,sidebox,germx
    Thanks a lot guys👍 will do so.
    Tried it out at the carpark with classic,
    The board swerves quite fluidly,
    Just that reverse kick in(or I assume pushback) when I lean forward too much.
    Also the LEDs does it light up automatically or I have to turn on from
    My App?

  • @icescorpio Unless they changed anything in recent updates (Android user), the LEDs are on as a default and can be turned off in the app. But they dim the lights down quite a lot until the sensor is engaged.

  • @germx -Thxs mate!👍

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