Waterproof or Water resistant?

  • I just ordered my onewheel yesterday (the long wait begins). I have been looking all over future motion's website but I can't find weather the onewheel is water resistant or waterproof. I would hope waterproof, as I'd like to be able to wash it off after a riding through dirt and I don't want to worry about riding it in the rain/snow around campus. I'd love to take it to the beach too but I read that on here that someone's broke at the beach? Covers over charge port and power button necessary maybe? What's your experience with the onewheels waterproofing?

  • They claim waterproof.. However FM posted a picture of a guy riding through a huge puddle and they quoted "good way to void your warranty"

  • The boards are water resistant NOT WATERPROOF. I hit a small wave on my OW and it went dead in a few hours. I ended up sending it back to get fixed. I have two other friends with OW who have had similar experiences with water. I think rain is ok but beyond that is at your own risk. Bottom line: Water within reason. No salt water. Again, this is my opinion but it is also backed up by two other people I know with boards.

  • This is the claim in the FAQ. Seems to indicate water resistant NOT waterproof.

    Does the Onewheel work in wet conditions?
    Why yes, it does! We wouldn't go swimming with it, but it works great it wet or damp enviornments.

  • Sorry. Not sure where read that..

  • I emailed the folks at onewheel with my question. I got a super friendly response less than 6 hours later (seems like awesome costumer service with future motion!). They said that it is not 100% waterproof (i.e. Don't dunk it) but it should be fine to rinse off and ride at the beach as long as you cover the power button and charging ports. They also suggested using compressed air for cleaning as well. Looking forwards to riding my onewheel in a couple months!

  • Wish we had power button covers/plugs specifically for beach use.

    I bought XLR covers for my charging port but they don't fit on the power side.

  • @utsu where did you get the cover you use for your charge port I'd love to get one to keep my onewheel safe from the elements.

  • http://community.rideonewheel.com/topic/98/cap-for-charging-port

    Check out the ndm plugs posted by DocBlock. Perfect fit like they were made for it.

  • I think they are actually made for it :)

  • @SC720 thanks for the reminder. Purchased!

  • We should really make one big post with stuff like this. Port plug, the extra carry external battery, etcetc. Like a huge post about where to buy stuff, or links to posts about these things that come up from time to time that easy to miss, but superiour to have.

  • Screenshot_2015-10-06-13-59-30.png

    As you can see the OW got pretty soaked, had the plug in the charging port, but the button was full of sand, only hosed it down high pressure a day later. No problems...

  • I might just drop a piece of heavy duty tape over the power port to be safe the first time I take it out to the beach

  • @SC720
    The link you post for NDM plugs it bring you to the forum.
    I want to buy this plug can you reply with the proper link,please.

  • @steeve here's the link to the Neutrik NDM dummyPLUG for Male XLR Receptacles:
    At 67 cents each it's worth it to pick yourself up a few spares.

  • I have unintentionally left it outside during a hard rain overnight with no problems other than the pain in my heart upon discovery that it was outside.

  • @Polle
    Where did you get the plug for the charging port?
    Thanks Steeve
    Thank's for your respond,I order 5 of them so I can give a couple to my friends.

  • @steeve I got mine from the Finnish guys who sell the Vega tire.
    Plug made with 3D printer.

    Edit: http://www.newtechsports.fi is the website.
    It's in Finnish, which I don't speak, but if you send them an email they'll reply in English.
    Some of them are on this forum as well (@NEWTECHSPORTS).

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