How does 4-6 turn to 10-11 weeks?

  • I'm starting to get annoyed with this wait.. I was told 4-6 weeks now I'm on almost 9 and was told a few more weeks.. That is just not right .. Not good business at all.. They need to be on top of their dates and if they are missed compensate some how.. Everyday feels like a week and every week feels like a month.. Is my wheel ever coming ?? :/

  • @njcustom Waiting sucks huh?! I felt the same way when I ordered mine and it took longer than promised. Just be patient and it will come. I do wish they would say 10-11 weeks though, and you actually get it in like 8. That would make a lot more people happier than upset to get it early vs late. You will forget how long you've waited within the first 10 min of opening the box. haha.....

  • @J-Glide its going to be so cold I won't be able to ride it lol

  • Took about 8 weeks.

  • All I can say is: order the fender also... Having the OW and looking at the rain is the the one thing worse than not having the OW...

  • @njcustom Probably if you don't bundle up. At least you will have an epic spring!

  • @Polle I can't see spending 85$ plus shipping for a 5$ sheet of abs plastic.. I work with carbon fiber so I'm going to be making and selling a carbon version.. Once my wheel arrives I will start making a mold..

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  • @njcustom I'd be intereared in what you make...the fender is very utilitarian and takes away from the aesthetics unless you wrap it like some of the members here did...would love alternative to choose from.

  • @Polle why wouldn't you ride it in the rain w/o the fender? I mean, I understand that WITH the fender it'll be oh so much better but even w/o it you can ride and just get splashed wet (like the rest of your body that isn't protected from the rain by a fender unless you're riding around with an umbrella ). Am I missing something?

  • @Chance2ride2
    Your pants get soaking wet and covered in mud on both legs... When riding for fun not such a big problem, but when commuting this can be a problem...

  • @Polle Ahhhh, the commute! makes total sense....rainsuit?

  • I say screw the fender and get a bright yellow rainsuit :laughing:

  • @njcustom And some rubber boots :smile:

  • Not happy at all, this is really disappointing. By the time it gets here it will be dark, dreary, and cold outside ): They recently told me it won't be here until early December. When I ordered early September they said it should be here by mid October...

  • @PhobicTribe I feel for ya man! I don't know if you have a local indoor skate center, but I do by my house and its a blast. Here is a video of what its like.

  • @J-Glide said:

    Nice vid! Seems you have the 180 trick down! Now that you're used to the movements, can you do the trick on any surface?

    PS. I think you're making worse for the guys waiting by posting that video lol! Surprised they let you ride in there though, nice one!

  • @J-Glide great vid!

    Question. In the last few seconds there were two ramps. You went on the first one but skipped the second that would have given you some air. Have you ever gone off the second one?

  • @PhobicTribe many of us if not all of us got the run around.. They doubled the wait time after I paid and would have never told me if I didn't email them week at week 9 and got atleast 2-3 more weeks to wait.. So they told me :(

  • Not to defend OneWheel because I think they have to work harder to be accurate with their customers but I paid a deposit and have been waiting for a Tesla SUV for going on 3 years! A car they said would be delivered 2 years ago! Still haven't even driven the car... lol... My guess is I will get it by Feb but who knows? Elon is making the OneWheel team look pretty good... Bottom line every person who sees a OneWheel wants one! Its not going to get better any time soon... My compassion goes out to all who are waiting for their boards... It sucks to be told one thing and feel like you are getting the run around! I feel that now with a board they told me would be fixed asap and its been 3 weeks... I try to keep reminding myself that they are probably doing the best that they can. I have gotten more joy out of the board that almost anything I have bought in the last 10 years! In the end I am just grateful they invented it :)

  • @MichaelW man I need to see this Tesla machine now lol can you post a picture?

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