***STOLEN ONEWHEEL from Santa Monica area***

  • Hey guys
    A guy a know in santa monica, CA got his board stolen from his porch. They didn't get the charger. Would be great if FM would require a serial number to buy a charger. So look out for a board for sale or someone looking to buy a charger!!
    Onewheel serial ending 0117

  • @Onewheel-Support Yes please make this a requirement to buying a charger! Lets make it difficult when someone wants to sell a stolen one of these!! Also, If you guys see this board for sale 0117. Contact @ricoburgos right away! So he can talk to the guy he sold it to. Poor guy only had it a week!

  • everyone keep your eyes peeled for OneWheel for sale with no charger!

    craiglist, ebay and local socal listings. Once the thief realizes it's useless without an expensive charger I bet he'll try to sell it without one rather than cough over money for it.

  • Would be great if FM would keep a list of stolen boards.

  • Damn this sucks...was wondering when someone would eventually report one stolen here. Would be great if there was a way to actually track boards through the app or otherwise. I doubt there's any way for FM to regulate/track charger sales. If they are smart this scumbag ordered a charger as soon as they could but like utsu said keep an eye out for that board and SN for sale without the charger.

  • Also, he only had it a week and serial # is 0117??

  • It was a second hand board! @SC720

  • @ricoburgos I'm so sorry to hear this! I hope you find it!

  • What a scumbag to go on someone's porch.. To me thieves deserve the worst punishment.. If I find you on my porch you're getting beat! In my house, dead!

  • OMG, if the OW app had a FindMe Feature or if the OW had something like a LoJack installed...

  • Geez. Crazy. They should definitely create a app kind of like Find My Mac with a GPS

  • **i left mine outside a store, not locked up and left on. I look out and a guy was trying to ride off on it! He couldn't figure out how to ride it, thankfully. I yelled at him and he bailed. **

  • I was thinking of dropping a gps chip inside the area under the footpad, where the connections are like a pet locator or a lost keys... A cheap chip in case some how someone were to get w hold of the board, it were grabbed from my car or something.

  • There is an easy solution, which I already use. I embedded a "tile" inside my battery box. I don't recommend opening that box, but you can find somewhere else. Your smartphone can track these things anywhere.


  • @count - how far can your device track the tile in your OW when it's not getting help from other devices? Can you set an alert if it get too far away or goes out of range?

  • Frankly I have not tested it beyond the confines of my property, for lost keys and such. You may want to check the tech specs on their site, as I am led to believe the range is significant!

  • @wr420 site says 100ft range and 1 year battery life. So, you'd have to get within 30m of the thief... that's not optimal.

  • @Count Yeah I researched a lot of those type devices a few months ago, wanting to do the same thing. Unfortunately, none of them seem to be very dependable over long distances.

  • This sucks!
    Last week I was doing some night riding and I had a car passing me slam on it's brakes. Then some drunk douchebag jumped out of the back of the car and started chasing me yelling "that OneWheel is going to be mine!"
    Fortunately I got lucky and was able to out pace him on the board while ordering up an Uber that was close by. I was able to meet the Uber after circling around the block for only a minute or two and escaping the clutches of a would-be thief.
    I've been apprehensive of night riding ever since.

  • Dang bro, where do you live? Sounds like Rio.

  • @BallewBoard Shit man, are you serious?? I worry about that kind of thing quite a bit, actually. I was riding through some shady area once and some sketchy looking dude yelled out "How much do those things cost?" All I could think was I'd better get the fuck out of there before I get robbed.

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