Pro travel bag prototype

  • So, we're preparing a professionally made travel bag. Here's a prototype #1, with #2 coming next week:



    The next version will also have something to allow you to carry it on your shoulder, and some room inside for the charger. It should also look better (a closer fit, this one is too loose).

    The bag is foldable, and takes around as much space as the charger when folded.

    The use cases I'm thinking of:

    • taking the bag with you on trips, folded, in your regular backpack, so if you run out of range it will be easier to carry the bag back home
    • travelling - so you can check it in the airport, or put it into the train, and not worry about it being dirty.

    The price point is yet to be decided, we're thinking of selling this for around $150-$300 (depends on the demand and whether you guys want a better product for a higher price, or something cheap). I also want to reach Future Motion and ask if there's a chance of us getting into the store...

    What do you think? (cc @Whirly1, @Franky @germx, @Polle, @natalie, @DVO, @utsu, @nat, @madsb, @Julian )

  • Good initiative!
    For +€150 I would want:

    • a better fit (I think if kept next to the wheel, the charger will always fit inside
    • a better closing system that keeps the water out

    How does everybody want to carry it? Over 1 shoulder? Not sure if the odd shape can be comfortably carried on the back (with 2 shoulder straps)

  • @Polle: as for carrying, I tried wearing the bag on the back, and it was surprisingly comfortable. Ten times better than wearing it over one shoulder.

    The problem is that in most cases I have another backpack - e.g. if I ran out of juice in the field, it means that I probably was riding around with a travel backpack, with water, books, etc inside. Or if I'm travelling, it means that I have a backpack with laptop and other stuff.

    And making a universal backpack that would hold both OW, and other things would be very difficult.

    That's why shoulder strap.

    As for the better fit - yeah, we're working on that. As for the closing system, we could replace the rope with a zipper, but rope looks much better, and in practice it protects against rain almost as well.

    By the way, where are you from? I can see that you use €, so a fellow European I guess :)

  • Love this bag! I'll take it :)

    Have you looked at a roller or slider option? If I could drag a bag behind me with a rugged bottom I'd feel alot better about getting stranded.

  • @utsu: I spoke to the designer yesterday about the rollers. We dropped the subject temporarily, but might just get back to it if other people also think that it would be a good idea.

    A thing that I'm afraid of when it comes to rollers: problems with foldability, and limited use-cases (city only, for offroad we'd need some whicked-big wheels). What do you think?

  • @kolinko I'm from Belgium...

    Rollers would indeed make it less foldable, but on the other hand would it probably be great for travelling...

  • @kolinko I'm running directly up against the hard limitations of the weight and form factor of the onewheel when traveling

    There's a lot of lines in japan where I'll get out and cruise around and a cop will ask me to stop. So I'm walking back with an uncomfy 25lb object.. Same with airports and dealing with the hassle of carrying it on your back for distances.

    If there was a form-fitted roller luggage style bag, or something that'd be easy to drag behind for a mile, Id grab it in a heartbeat.

  • @utsu But a roller bag you would always have to carry on your back while boarding?

  • A shoulder bag with the possibility of carrying on ones back would be awesome. I have a Tom Bihn Aeronaut travel bag that can do both, and it's awesome in its versatility.

  • Great start, cannot wait to see this develops. Price point is a little high. But I guess we'll have to see the final product before that could be properly said. I'm leaned towards quality over price though, as I'm sure this bag would get abused! Rollers are a good idea, but the bag needs to be foldable/portable as well... Would love to see how this evolves!

  • Gotta say, I am not sure I would pay 150 for one of these, you ought to seriously consider lowering that. Overall I like it!

  • @Nat, @PhobicTribe what would be the price you could pay?

    @madsb the question is: how often would you carry it on your back really? For me, I usually have my primary backpack, so if I put the board on my back (which I tried and is really comfy), I wouldn't know what to do with the backpack. Can you tell me about some kind of a situation where you'd find such configuration useful?

    @utsu @Polle I'll discuss the rollers with the team. The thing here is that we don't have experience with doing rollers, and they are much harder to build... So the question is: if we cannot deliver rollers, would you buy a regular bag with a shoulder strap?

  • @kolinko I personally took my Onewheel to Hawaii in a bag similar to your design. It had only a shoulder strap and I found it very difficult to carry the Onewheel and pull another piece of luggage for any length of time. Even with a well padded shoulder strap the shape of OW does not lend it self to be well balanced. Upon returning from my trip I ordered a duffel with rollers and it has simplified my travels with OW. Hopes this helps answer your questions.

  • Can you please provide details on the duffel with rollers Jim? Thanks in advance.

  • I like it....So far so good. I would love to see over the shoulder strap too! But great job so far!!

  • @kolinko I love this for being "on the go" bag rather than "transporting bag". I think we have plenty of options on the market for the latter already. Something simple, durable, but most importantly comfortable to carry would be ideal for me. If it can make me smile while carrying OW then I'd be happy to pay 100 for it (depends on how well it performs I suppose, could go up as well as down).

  • @ow_760 The main downside I see with that bag is the lack of wheels. If you aren't able to ride your OW, you will want to be able to roll it over long distances.

  • @forzabucks It's almost impossible to find something that has wheels, that you can wear, and that is the right size so I went with the one that is perfect size and that you can wear as a backpack

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