can you re-grip?

  • Can you re-grip your board or is there a conflict with the sensor?

  • @SkateFirst.SamT The manual says you can't without messing up the sensor on the one side, but I'm about to try something since my grip tape has slid so far back that it is hanging off now. I will let you know how that goes if I get the guts to try.

  • @veryous Thank you!

  • So I got the guts to pull the grip tape off over the sensor, and I was able to reposition it back where it was supposed to be. I could see how the sensor is supposed to not have any glue from the tape touching it. I was actually really glad I pulled it off since the glue was starting to get on the sensor. I think this was an easy repair that most people could do without issue. It was pretty obvious what needed to be done once I pulled the grip tape back.

  • alright please don't freak out; i know i did, but this is important

    you need to pull off the tape and re-position it or rotate it back into place

    mine rotated off center and my board thought my foot was on the pad when it was not, i hoped off my board and it shot out from under me and only stopped when it hit a tree, i had left my board in the sun and the glue got hot under the black grip tape, it's a serious problem, fix your tape, mine is working fine now that i re-positioned my tape

  • Here is a pic of the sensor under the tape, and also the underside of the tape showing the protective strip to keep glue off the sensor. sensor.jpg Under tape.jpg

  • Interesting. So regripping by stripping off the old grip tape should not be an issue as long as the new grip isn't glued to the sensor.

  • @Franky That's correct!

  • Are you guys using a heat gun to remove the old grip tape?

  • @lynnpreston I just waited until I was done riding it on a warm day. I was too scared a heat gun would damage the sensor

  • Regripping with Viscious completed! Very easy install. So much better with sandy shoes/sandals! This stuff truly is Viscious!

  • @lynnpreston
    Got any pics of your regripped OW?

  • gtttQBtGfPFGFDeWrcD9fnJJ_d06vWUjLCZwXXt9Y84.jpeg

  • @lynnpreston very nice paint job too

  • @Carlo - thanks, but I can't claim credit. That paint job certainly is curious. This is my second OW I picked up used on Ebay. Apparently this one was custom-painted for the customer by FM as part of a special promotion (everyone please don't start asking FM for custom paint jobs). Honestly, my other (blue) one looks much better IMHO. I don't mind the green though since I'm 100% about the riding and not looks.

  • I saw this one when it was on ebay. always wondered why it was painted green with that design on the side.

  • @lynnpreston
    Thanks for sharing. Looks good.

  • lynnpreston - are you using Vicious coarse or xtra-coarse? Just curious and also, how's it been working out for you since the switch?

  • I'm not sure. Package doesn't say. This is what I have:

    I love it. It grips a lot better with wet sandy feet or shoes. I ride barefoot on it all the time, and it doesn't bother me at all. It doesn't look at good as the FM branded tape, but the tradeoff is well worth it for me.

  • Thanks, that looks like the normal/coarse one. I think I'll do this mod right off as I'm used to the tackier/stickier grip of Jessup, Madrid Flypaper and Vicious and the 1W stock grip looks pretty low/small-grain. I think i'll use 2 colors to differential the sensor side from the non.

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