Onewheel Demographics

  • I wonder what the average age of onewheel users is? I imagine it is pretty high given the high cost of entry, unlike skateboarding. Probably similar to skiing/snowboarding as those sports are also relatively expensive given the lift tickets. Skateboarding and surfing tend to be younger I would imagine.

    I'm also guessing at least 90% male?

    I think for onewheel to really take off, need to decrease the barrier to entry, decrease the average age of user, and even out the male/female ratio.... last thing they need is for onewheel to be ridden only by bunch of rich, old guys!

  • I purchased mine when I was 17! With a little hard work and entrepreneurship, I think if anyone really wants something it's achievable.

  • These are really early days and us owners are early adopters. I agree that price is the biggest barrier right now. While most adults that see me riding think it's really cool, most of them think it would be too hard for them or impractical though they could probably swing the price. It's the young people and kids that see me and immediately want to ride and want one....and those are the people that cannot afford it yet.

  • Getting mine Friday , I'm 35.. I would of killed for one when I was kid..

  • I'm almost too embarassed to admit to people how much it cost!

  • 37..would have loved to own one when I was in college and had all sorts of time on my hands...

  • 18 and when I get my board in a few weeks I will be riding it around the most beautiful college campus in the US - Rollins College

  • I'm 19, might be 20 when mine arrives and My 15 year old sister really likes the onewheel also, so when she learns how to use it I'll let her use it to get to her highschool and stuff :)

  • Average age seems to be from 35-45. We have several people in LA that fall into that age group.

  • 38 here.

    @huber_760 - I can vouch that Rollins is absolutely beautiful. We love visiting Winter Park and catching a play at the Annie Russell. Enjoy!

  • 30 here. Felt like I was 15 again when riding for the first time :)

  • 46 here. (man the last 20 years are a blur. all you youngin's out there enjoy life every day!)

  • 33 here. Perfect way to pass time after the wakeboard season.

  • 36 here.Ride everyday everywhere in all weather :)

  • 40 here. I agree with callenj357, 30s flew by like a blink.

  • 39 here. And let me join the choir in saying "enjoy your youth!" Now get off my lawn!

  • 16 here. GETTING MINE TODAY!

  • 42 here, but my family can attest that my Onewheel age is quite a bit lower. Failed to convince my wife that multiple OW's was a viable alternative to a minivan, else I'd be helping skew the demo a bit younger.

  • 24! Still waiting for tracking

  • 35....and I ride a hoverboard every day to work via a beach boardwalk. Never would have believed that as a kid growing up in Ohio.

  • Another 35 here! Definitely jealous of you guys who're riding in college!

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