Scandinavian countries?

  • I am wondering how many people got the OW in the Scandinavian countries, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden?
    I am from Norway and as I see it i haven't seen anyone from Norway yet on this forum or anyone riding the OW in Norway.

  • Cheers from Denmark. I'm getting my Onewheel in November! (Hopefully)

  • I know someone from Finland has one.

  • Well, I think there's three of us in the Swedish thread. I think there is about 4 or so people over here. None in my city though, so I still never see them. Would be fun to meet up and ride.

  • hey from copenhagen, hope to get my ow+ in april

  • My son has his in Goteborg. It was a bit of pain as he flew out of LA and 3 suitcases with parts of the OW in each one but it made it and he saves a ton of time with travel in the city.

  • Here´s one more swedish, and a + owner hopefully before summer.

  • Hey there guys. Im not from any of the scandinavian countries, im from austria. I already started a thread for my problem of legelisation on the streets here. I had a lot of conversations with diffrent parties in sweden, and was told that it was legeal to ride it on the streets there. So what im looking for is a concret law (link) that i can use in my handling with the austrian street-law-office. Maybe one of you can help me out. All i have untill now is this one.

    But thats from 2010, and i was told that there was a change last summer.

    So thanks for the moment and i hope you can help me.

    Happy riding

  • @Solaranlage I think its almost the same, you need a reflex and a ringing bell, either in the hand or mounted

  • @Mojje thanks for that. So if i understand it right (from google translate) the law is from 2010 but this article was published in 2016.

  • @Mojje another question: is that an official hompage from the swedish goverment?

  • @Solaranlage Im don´t know much about laws but "transportstyrelsen" is an administrative authority and their main task is to respond to regulatory, licensing and supervision in transport for the safety of roads, air and water ways, If I´m wrong please correct me as I'm not particularly familiar with this

  • @Solaranlage It looks like Transportstyrelsen is a swedish states administry authority whish comes under (Näringsdepartementet) wich is a part of Swedish Government Offices

  • Im a Luleå/Gothenburg rider (sweden)

    People ask you to pop a wheelie from time to time, otherwise they dont say much.

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